[SCEO] 81: Action Vs. Mindset

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A question I get asked a lot is one regarding action and strategies versus mindset. It’s the age-old question of, “When is the right time to be implementing some strategic actions within my business, and when should I be looking at my mindset?”

It’s important to note that both are crucial to your success and in moving forward, but sometimes it can be frustrating not knowing what to look at next, to explode into a new level of growth. My hope today is to help you create massive results in a really efficient way so that you’re not wasting your time, money, and energy looking at the wrong place. A bunch of messy action can help you learn and grow, but there are ways to be far more effective in reaching a particular goal.

Join me as I dive into how I use both action and mindset work to further my business, and how I use it to help my clients as well. Identifying what next step you should be taking can be confusing, so I hope this episode helps in giving you some clarity to go create your dreams.

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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • My perspective on when to implement strategy into your business versus looking at your mindset.
  • What has created massive results for myself and my clients.
  • Why I always ask my clients what their thoughts are about what they want.
  • When I implement strategies and when I don’t.
  • How to identify where you need to start working on.

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Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? I am so freaking excited to be here for another week and another episode. I have to tell you guys that I’m squashing in a couple of episodes between packing to go to Louisville.

We are actually headed there; I’m speaking at the National Association of Women Business Owners Symposium. I’m the keynote speaker, which totally blows my mind. And I’m so excited. And also, between wedding planning. Guys, I cannot believe it. We are 31 days out from Chris and my wedding and I’m so excited, and I just can’t believe how close it is.

I feel like it was yesterday that I was saying 200 days until our wedding. Seriously, it blows my mind. And for those of you wondering, I am going to be changing my name to Goodman, but don’t worry, Mango is still going to stay with the business. So in my mind it’s like I’ve got business and coach alter ego. Her name is Lindsey Mango and then I have wife alter ego, her name is Lindsey Goodman.

Anyway, if you want to stay abridged on what is going on in my life, make sure you’re following me @lindseymango_. As always, I’m taking you guys along for the wild ride of my life. So anyway, let’s get to it.

So today I want to talk about this age-old question that gets tossed around in the coaching industry all the time about strategy versus mindset and all the things. And I wanted to give you guys my perspective on it because a lot of clients come to me and they’re like okay, so when do I need to adjust my action and implement some strategy into my business versus when do I need to look at my mindset?

And here is what I believe and here’s what has created massive results for myself and my clients. I believe that both play a role. You have to take massive action to create amazing results and create new results. Yes, action and strategy create results.

But here’s the thing; if you are taking that action and implementing that strategy from a place and from a mindset that hasn’t been looked at that isn’t aligned with creating the result, you will spin your wheels and you will not create the massive result that you could if your mindset was behind it.

And here’s how I know this. My whole life I’ve been a massive action taker. If you really were to step back and think about it, it’s kind of funny that I teach mindset because I’ve been a grinder, I’ve been a work hard, do all the things, all of that. But what I realized was that I can work so hard and still not necessarily get the result that I’m looking for.

And that’s when I started to implement mindset into my life and into my business because I was like, I just know there’s another way. So how do you know when you need to implement both? My first question as a coach is always when somebody comes to me and they want coaching and they are stuck or they are ready to explode to the next level, I ask them what are your thoughts about where you’re at and what you want?

The reason why I ask that isn’t because I necessarily believe that their thoughts are out of alignment. I just need to know where they are at. Because here’s the thing; if you are implementing strategy and action from a line of thinking of fear or lack or misaligned thinking than with thinking that would align with getting the result, you are not going to create the result the way you could if your thinking was aligned with it.

So I know I’m getting a little deep, a little scientific here, but here’s what I mean by that. A lot of clients come to me and they’re like, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m trying all the things; I think I need actions and strategy right now. So my question is always well, tell me, what are your thoughts about this?

Well, I’m frustrated I’m not getting the result that I want; I feel like I’m doing it wrong. Now, this is going to tell me immediately that your mindset isn’t in alignment with already having the result. It’s saying I’m doing things wrong; it’s not working. And that I know is where it needs to be adjusted first before we can have the conversation of what actions you need to be taking and develop ideas of what strategies you can apply.

Now, it’d be a totally different story if somebody came to me and they were like, I’m so excited, I’m trying all the things, I just really trust that the clients are coming, all the things are happening. Let’s talk about some ideas about what I could be doing and what I could be implementing.

Then I’m going to have the conversation of what actions you could be applying at that point. But here’s the thing I want you guys to think about. If you were able to just implement like, strategic things and action, for example let’s say Facebook ads. That’s a strategy, that’s an action.

If you were able to implement Facebook ads no matter what and create a result, then wouldn’t we all just hire Facebook ads people to just invest money and get money back? The reality is that Facebook ads work based on yes, the company or people or how they’re doing but mostly how you approach them and your belief behind it and why you’re doing it.

So what I always tell people is like, I don’t implement strategy when I’m in a place of thinking I’m doing it wrong, this isn’t working, I don’t believe that I’m capable of getting in front of all the people that I need to get in front of. I do it when I’m in a place of belief. When I’m like okay, this is happening, I believe I’m going to get in front of the right people, I know that I’m going to hit my goal.

And one of the ways I want to do that is through Facebook ads, or one of the ways I want to do that is by posting online. Are you guys sticking with me here? So here’s what I think is most important. When you’re feeling stuck or when you’re feeling like you’re ready for a new level, identify where your mindset is at.

Ask yourself, what are my thoughts about this? And when you look at those thoughts, are they aligned with the result? Like with already having the result that you want. If they’re not, your work starts there. If they are, then you get to ask yourself what actions can I take from here. The reason why I don’t spend a lot of time in strategy and action is because usually, the path, it develops from a place of belief.

Seriously, if I were to ask all of you guys that are listening to this the question of if you knew with 100% certainty you were creating the result that you wanted in your business, in your life, whatever it is, what action would you take?

Usually we would be able to develop some sort of action. Now, if you’re stuck in I-don’t-know-land, go listen to one of my podcast episodes that’s called I-don’t-know-land because that’s just the block, it’s just a fear, it’s usually trying to keep you safe. But typically, we could come up with the actions that we would want to take, that we would be taking.

So usually, the action and the strategy kind of takes care of itself when your mindset is in alignment. Now, does that mean that I don’t implement strategy into my business? Absolutely not. I do. But I’ve worked doesn’t mean I always perfectly executed this. But I’ve worked to add action and strategic ideas and pieces when I’m in the place of belief because I know that that will maximize how much – that will maximize how well they create results.

And I would rather take more focused action and specific action than take a billion action, work my ass off, and be exhausted and still not have the result that I want. Now, I think it’s also very important, like I said, to take massive action. You can take action from a place of let me try this thing and that can give you great feedback to identify why you’re not creating the result or what else you can do because taking action can help you learn.

No when you’re taking action to learn, you’re also taking it from a place of let me try this. This could work. So I always like to think in our mind, we have like a devil and an angel on our shoulder. Make sure that as you take action and you implement strategy, you’re doing it from a place from the angel on your shoulder, from a place of belief, from a place of knowing and trusting that the result is coming.

So that’s my take on it. The thing that I look at when I look back at my business is when I started implementing actions and different strategies and different ideas, I was never stuck there. I wasn’t doing it from a place of stuck. It was doing it from a place of okay, I’m going to grow, I’m going to scale, I’m ready to build my business. This person looks like they’re doing something, I want to bring them onboard.

And my perspective has always been why don’t you make money doing what you love with your mind from a place of belief, and then hire people to do the jobs, the strategic pieces that their zone of genius is that and that you can keep running and doing what you’re amazing at.

Again, it’s also important not to hire people from a place of I don’t have enough time, I can’t do it on my own, I don’t know how to figure that out, because that is also not aligned with full belief. So it gets a little tricky but this is my take on it. I always ask myself to first look at my thoughts and why I’m doing something, why I’m taking an action, why I’m hiring this person, where it’s coming from.

Because I would hate for anyone to waste money, time, implementing strategies and actions from a place of not believing and not creating the results when they could have started at the core of what really mattered to drive forward their actions to create massive results.

This is why we also – if you take a step back and you look at the hardest workers aren’t necessarily the people that are the most successful. Taking a bunch of messy action yes, can help you learn and help you grow and help move you forward. But if you can really look at the root of it and then adjust that, you’re going to be so much more effective and create massive, massive results.

So that’s my take. I just wanted to share it. I was coaching some of my clients on that and I think it’s just such a valuable thing to really, really look at and dig into within yourself. I love you guys. Thanks for being here and I cannot wait to talk to you next week. Bye.

Thank you for tuning into today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you are ready to take this work deeper and you want to bring your dream business or a reality, I wanted to make sure that you knew that Mango Magic Business Academy was available to you. Head to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagic.

Or if you don’t have a business and you are ready to bring your dream life to a reality and know you are meant for more, my Mango Magic Life School is also available. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagiclifeschool for all the details. These programs are both life and business changing and you get access and coaching with me to walk through the modules and ask questions and get support to make your dream life or your dream business, or both a reality. I love you. I can’t wait to see you in there.

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