Ep #45: From Baby Coach to Full-Time Coach

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Do you dream of turning your coaching business into a full-time practice where you have all the freedom in the world to live your life the way you wish? This was a dream I realized I had when I was working in corporate and have since made that life a reality, and I want to help you do the same.

I work with so many new coaches in my Anything but Average Mastermind, which gives me great insight into what some of your challenges might be as an entrepreneur trying to grow your business. So if you’re at a stage where you’re trying to consistently sign new clients and turn your practice into a full-time job, you’re in the right place.

Join me this week as I show you what you have to do to go from being a baby coach to full-time coach. There is a huge pitfall that almost every new coach falls into, and I’m showing you why this happens so often, how to avoid it, and what you have to do instead to become that full-time coach you dream of being.

If you’re ready to sign clients consistently and make the jump from baby coach to full-time coach, you have to come join us in the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind. The women in there are getting insane results, getting coached at the highest level possible, and taking their businesses to the next level. Applications open on February 10th and there are only 20 spots available, so mark your calendars!

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • Where I see so many of my clients get stuck on their journey to becoming a full-time coach.
  • One of the biggest pitfalls I see new coaches falling into and why so many coaches do this.
  • Why becoming a full-time coach is not about the actions you take.
  • How to make the shift from baby coach to full-time coach.

Featured on the Show

  • If you are ready to take this work deeper and make your dream coaching business a reality, join my Anything but Average program.
  • The Anything but Average Coach Mastermind is opening on February 10th, so click here to learn more!
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Welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Hello and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything but Average. Guys, how are you? I am doing amazing. Thanks for asking. I like to pretend I’m having a real conversation with you guys. I’m actually at home in Naperville, which is a suburb of Chicago. It’s where I was raised. Visiting my family with Chris.

And I’m so excited and grateful to be here. And I actually want to tell you guys a quick story before we jump into today’s episode. Because every time I’m here, it brings me back to one of the motivating factors behind my business.

Because I know it’s kind of normal right now with COVID for a lot of us to not be able to go see our families. Don’t worry, we quarantined to come here and see them. But I would say six years ago, it wasn’t a thing. I feel like everybody went to see their family or spent time with their family for the holidays.

And six years ago, I was in – I think it was six years ago, I was in probably my most strict corporate job. And when I say that, I mean you had to punch a time clock even though I got paid a salary. You had a punch a time clock and it was super rigid. Even if you were two minutes early from lunch, you had to wait at the time clock until it hit the right time.

Or if I had a doctor’s appointment I had to take a half day of PTO. It was the most rigid and strict corporate job I ever had. And I’ll never forget when I first got hired there, it was right around Christmas time and I wasn’t allowed to take any PTO days yet.

And I had to miss Christmas with my family. I wasn’t allowed to come home, I wasn’t allowed to – because I think Christmas was on a Thursday. I’m giving you lots of information. But it wasn’t enough time to come home basically and then get back to be at my job.

So I’ll never forget sitting at my desk the day after Christmas. I wasn’t able to come home and see my family. It was the first time I’ve ever missed Christmas with my family. And I’ll never forget feeling like, what? This is a thing? Because of a job, because the rulebook says that I can’t take more time off, I literally can’t go see my family for Christmas.

It literally boggled my mind. And looking back now, at the time I was very upset and frustrated about it. But looking back now, I see how it was actually happening for me because it lit such a fire under my butt. It motivated me to an entirely new level that I had to do something I was passionate about and I had to create a business that was mine and that I had the freedom to live my life and spend Christmas with my family if I wanted to, or travel if I wanted to.

I couldn’t imagine spending the next 30 years of my life at a job that had no freedom and no flexibility. And so that moment was really pivotal because that was where I just decided I am not going to put up with this for the rest of my life. I am going to take control and take charge of my life and in order to do that, I need to have a business. I need to have something that I own.

And the biggest thing for me was I always want to have a choice. I always want to be the one that gets to decide and choose how I spend my time, how I spend my life. Whether I get to go to my one day future kid’s field trip, or whether I get to come home for Christmas or not.

And that job just lit a fire under my butt, and whenever I’m here, especially during the week, it’s a Tuesday. We came yesterday, it’s a Monday, we’re staying for a whole week basically. I just feel this tremendous gratitude for that version of me who decided that there was no other option than to create a life of freedom and to create a business that allowed me to spend my time and life the way that I wanted.

And it’s such a perfect segue into what I wanted to talk about today, which is how to go from – I hate to even use this term, but we’re just going to use it – baby coach to a full-time coach. The reason I don’t like to use the word baby coach is because if you’re calling yourself a baby coach, you’re going to be getting baby coach results.

So there’s that, but I think it’s the perfect way to describe what I want to be teaching you guys today and what I want to be talking about today is how to go from starting your coaching business and having your first few clients to actually having a full-time income from your business, a business that allows you to travel home during the week if you want or travel the world or whatever it is, once the world opens back up. You get the point.

And I was thinking a lot about what is the biggest difference? Where do I see most people get stuck at that kind of three-client mark going from baby coach to full-time coach? And when I was looking at – I was also reflecting back on the women in my mastermind and the massive results that they’re creating and the full-time incomes that they’re creating. And what had to change in order to go from that baby coach to full-time coach.

Along with the mastermind, I was looking at the women in Anything but Average, my signature program that helps you get started as a coach. And where I see so many people get stuck, from that starting point to that full-time point.

And here it is, so listen up. You’re going to want to turn this episode up and take some notes. The biggest thing that I see happen with the new coach, once they sign their first couple of clients is they start to think that they have to change everything I order to become a full-time coach.

And when I say everything, I mean they have to add all this action in. They start to think I have to start hustling, I have to start doing funnels, and email lists, and my own podcast. They just start adding so many things into the equation because they see someone like me who’s been doing this for four years, and they see the things that I’m creating in the world and they start to think, “Oh, if I want to be a full-time coach, I have to do these things.”

Like it’s time to get serious, I have to start doing all this serious stuff in my business. And this is one of the biggest pitfalls I see new coaches fall into. Because when they start doing that, what happens is they don’t change who they are. They don’t change the way they think. They don’t change the most important part of the equation.

They just start changing all the things that are in the external world. Like all of their actions, all of their circumstances. And when I say that, I mean email list and website and marketing and all of these things. And when they’re changing it, they’re not changing it from a place of this is who I am, this is what I do, I have something amazing to offer, I’m going to create an email list.

They change everything in their business and start adding in all this action from a place of thinking I have to do more in order to become a full-time coach, I have to be more than what I already am in order to become a full-time coach.

And what this does, I hate to use this example, but I just want to use a gun example. I want you to imagine that the bullet that you put into a sniper rifle or a gun is like flawed. Not even flawed, but maybe it just doesn’t work as effectively in the gun as it could.

And then you take that same bullet and you put it in 50 different guns and you start shooting it. And now it’s not direct, it’s not hitting the bull’s eye because you’re taking a flawed bullet, you’re putting it into a gun. And no matter how many guns you put it in – this is such a silly example, but it’s a good way to look at it.

It doesn’t matter. If you could make the bullet rock solid and put it into one gun, you could be more effective than just doing more and adding more. So that’s what I want to talk about today is that shift that you have to make in order to go from that baby coach to full-time coach and why the answer isn’t in adding and changing all of these things, but the real answer is changing who you are, changing the way you think, changing the way you show up, which will create much bigger results with a lot less action.

So what we’re going to cover today is why this is so important, which we’ve kind of touched on already, how to actually do this, and what results you will produce when you change who you are, when you grow the way you think, the way you act, the way you show up, what you believe about yourself and your coaching, versus changing all of the external things and all of the actions you’re taking.

So let’s jump in. First of all, why do people go to changing their actions instead of changing who they are? Honestly, one of the biggest things I see and I’m actually going to do a podcast on this later is they start to compare themselves to people who are a lot further along than them.

And again, they start to think they should be doing all these things that other people are doing, which again, building a coaching business isn’t a one size fits all. We all do the same things. Your aligned actions, meaning the actions that come as a byproduct of you believing what you have to offer the world wholeheartedly might look different than mine.

So there’s not that one size fits all. The other thing is you have to take a lot less responsibility when you make the actions responsible for your results versus yourself. And that’s what I’m going to do another podcast episode on in a few weeks.

But our brains and our egos love to jump into like, let’s just add more action, let’s just do more. It’s not about me, it’s about what I’m doing, let me just add more to the equation. And that’s really why we get stuck at this place when we first start out, when we’re baby coaches.

And I see so many coaches get stuck here is they start to think that they’re not in charge or they need more things in order to produce bigger results and sign more clients. And so it feels a little less close to home. It’s not as much about you, it’s about the actions you’re taking, right? You need a bigger email list. That’s for sure the reason why you don’t have a full-time income from your coaching business.

That feels a lot safer. But that doesn’t produce the massive results that you want. It doesn’t produce the full-time coaching business that you want. And this is where I see so many people get stuck. They’ll sign those first few clients and then they plateau. I’ve seen people plateau for a year because they start doing this.

They start adding in all this extra stuff when they really don’t need to. So the solution to this isn’t changing your actions. Your actions may change as a byproduct, but the solution is going internally and figuring out what’s keeping me from believing that I’m going to have a full list of clients, what’s keeping me from believing that I’m going to get my clients massive results, what’s keeping me from showing up online like the expert that I am?

The real solution to become a full-time coach isn’t to change everything you’re doing. It’s to change who you’re being. And when I say who you’re being, I don’t mean you need to be this perfect professional businesswoman that looks and acts like me, or looks and acts like somebody else.

I mean who you’re being in terms of what you’re accepting about yourself, about realizing that your uniqueness, your messy desk – like I’ve had women in my mastermind think that they need to have their desk all organized and becoming that woman is about having perfect professional pictures and videos and all of these things.

That’s not what I’m saying. Who you’re being is about what you believe about yourself as a coach, what you believe about your clients, what you believe about your ability to sign clients, and being that woman. It doesn’t mean perfection. It means owning who you really are and owning your space in this industry.

So the real solution to this isn’t about changing everything you’re doing. It’s about changing who you’re being. And the reason this is so vital is because if you keep adding more actions on to what you’re doing to produce bigger results, even if you do get some bigger results, even if you do sign some more clients, what you do is you always limit yourself because in order to create even bigger results, you have to add more action in.

Your brain goes this is what I did to get here, now I need to add even more action on. And what you do is you end up feeling burnt out, exhausted, frustrated, and I always like to say unhappy coaches, coaches who feel burnt out don’t sign clients. And then that’s where they hit that plateau.

Changing who you are takes every action you’re currently taking and produces an even bigger result. Think about it like this. I show up every day and I know I have the program for women who want to start their coaching business.

And every action, every post I make, everything I do in my marketing – and it’s simple, right? I’m not all over the internet. I’m not doing videos every second of the day. I’m just posting and adding value and sharing from that place of you need this. This is going to help you start your coaching business, there’s no program out there like this.

When I have that belief, it produces a huge result. Now, if you’re like, I’m not a very good coach, I don’t even know what I’m doing, I think I need a niche, can I get my clients results, and you take that and you put that behind the content that you’re putting out or you put that behind every consult you do, that’s going to produce a different result.

When I say changing who you are versus changing your actions, that’s what I really mean. So that’s why it’s important and that’s why it creates different results.

Now, the second part. I said I’m going to cover why. Second part is how. How do you actually do this? This is something I’m constantly helping the women in my mastermind and in my signature program as well close the gap on. But what I’m talking about here is a little bit higher level.

It’s after you sign those first few clients and taking that next step to being a full-time coach and how we do this is constantly going back to when you’re trying to change your actions and holding – I have so many clients in my mastermind that I have to bring back, who just go out there and start to burn themselves out and reel them back in and notice when they’re doing it, notice why they’re doing it, changing it, focusing on what really matters in their thinking and their beliefs, and then taking the actions that they have committed to taking.

That’s one of the things we do at the very start of the Anything but Average coach mastermind is we select a goal, we create an action plan so you know exactly what you need to commit to, and then we spend the entire six months of the mastermind coaching on who you have to be, how you have to think, how you have to show up in order to take those actions and produce a full-time coaching business, and in order to produce a bigger result.

So that’s one of the biggest things. How do we do this? We make sure we pick those actions ahead of time, we commit to them, and then we coach on anything that’s keeping them from showing up the way they need to and as the woman they need to be in order to produce an even bigger result.

Now, what happens when you do this? Guys, exponential results. The women in the Anything but Average coach mastermind, we’re about four months in and the reason – if you listen to the last episode, the reason why I’m talking about this now is because the next round for the Anything but Average coach mastermind is going to be opening, the applications are going to be opening February 10th. So literally mark that on your calendar right now.

But the women are – we’re four months in and their results have become exponential because we have stayed focus on this action plan and this goal that they have set for themselves and we have changed the way they think, the way they believe, what they believe about their coaching, the way they show up for the actions they’ve committed to taking, and they’re producing bigger and bigger results.

This is what happens when you change who you are, when you grow in your thinking and in your belief systems, versus when you just pile on more action. If they were piling on more action, they would be producing similar results consistently, but they would be exhausted, they would be frustrated, they would feel like they had to sacrifice their life for their business.

The clients in the Anything but Average coach mastermind are spending lots of time and days doing things that they enjoy doing, living their life, enjoying their life, creating magic in their life while producing bigger and bigger and bigger results.

It’s kind of like I was just talking to Chris earlier, it’s kind of like the difference of if you’re a baby coach, it’s kind of like you just learned to crawl. And when you add more action, it’s like you’re trying to crawl faster. You’re trying to crawl as fast as possible and you’re working really hard and you might be sweating and you might be doing all the things, right?

The Anything but Average coach mastermind takes you from crawling, and I’m standing you up and putting you in a car and we’re like, this is much easier. When you change the way you approach this, you now can step into the car and you can get to your destination so much faster even though when you were crawling so hard and trying so hard, you still weren’t producing massive results.

That is what happens when you focus on who you are, the way you think, the way you show up, what you believe about yourself as a coach and your coaching, versus just piling on more things that you need to do in order to produce bigger results.

So guys, my clients in the Anything but Average coach mastermind, here’s what’s happening, what exponential results are happening from doing this process over and over and over again over the past just four months. We still have two months I think left.

Megan has made $5000 in the last 30 days, when I think when she joined, I think she hadn’t even signed maybe two clients and maybe charged $700 and $900 for those two clients. So Whitney joined the ABA mastermind in September and since joining the mastermind has made over $30,000 as a coach while simultaneously producing and starring in an upcoming feature film.

Thanks to Lindsey and the ABA process, Whitney is on track to hit or pass, and actually I think since she wrote this, she’s now passing this, but pass her goal of $50,000 cash over the six-month mastermind. She’s about to have her first 12K month this month.

Greta started her coaching business in May of 2020. So that’s what, not even six months ago. And she started working with me at the end of August. So the mastermind started the beginning of September. And before the mastermind, she had only made $5400. Not only, that’s amazing. But since being in the mastermind, she has now generated over $21,000 and I think she just signed another client this week.

This is what is possible when you focus on what matters, when you change who you are, when you don’t just pile on more action, you get exponential results that keep growing. Because when you change who you are, when you start showing up as a full-time coach, every action you take will produce bigger results.

And when you want to produce even bigger results, like $50,000 in the next six months, what happens is you don’t have to add more action. You just change, adjust a little bit about who you are, the way you’re thinking, the way you’re showing up, and you produce even bigger results with the same actions.

A lot of these women, when they joined, they were posting on social media, they have podcasts, they were doing all the things. What changed, we didn’t add some crazy marketing plan, freebies, any of that. That’s not necessary until you’re hitting that six-figure mark.

What they changed is who they were, and when they changed who they are and the way they show up, they produced exponential and massive results. So guys, if you want to go from baby coach to full-time coach, don’t focus on all the things you need to add.

Like all the pieces, the freebies, all of that. Focus on who you are. And if you are ready to go from baby coach to full-time coach, if you are ready to create an anything but average coaching business and take your business to the next level, if you’re ready to sign clients consistently, be surrounded by some badass women who are doing that too, while being coached at the highest level possible, while having your brain coached at the highest level possible, join us in the Anything but Average coach mastermind.

Again, applications open February 10th. Mark your calendar. It will be first come first served. There will only be 20 spots available. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/abacoach. You won’t be able to apply yet, but February 10th is when it opens up so mark your calendar, put that in your calendar invite and then apply on February 10th to join the Anything but Average coach mastermind. I love you guys. I will talk to you next week.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in Anything but Average, where I will walk you through the step-by-step process to become a coach, start your coaching business, and start signing clients. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and I will see you on the inside.

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