Ep #104: Borrowing From Your Future Self

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Your future self is the version of you that has all the results you want. She’s got total freedom to live the life of her dreams and run the successful coaching business she’s always imagined. And your job is to become that version of you little by little.

In order to get to that place you’re currently dreaming about, you have to inch your way there. It’s not an overnight job, and it most definitely isn’t easy or comfortable. But you don’t have to be her yet to borrow from her right now, and this week, I’m showing you why this is so important and how you can begin practicing this. 

Join me this week as I show you what borrowing from your future self looks like, and what’s on the line if you don’t utilize your future self as a guide. There is so much gold in this work, and on this episode, you’ll learn why this is the roadmap to everything you want. 

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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • Why borrowing from your future self is important. 
  • What borrowing from your future self looks like.
  • Why your future self is not a perfect version of yourself. 
  • How to borrow from your future self.

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Welcome to the Anything But Average podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything But Average. Guys, how are you? I hope you’re having a beautiful week. Before we dive into today’s episode I want to make sure you know that Anything But Average re-opens for enrollment April 6th. It will open early for everyone on the wait list and it will close for enrollment on April 11th.

Anything But Average is my program that teaches you how to become a great coach, launch your business, and sign clients. Once you join you get lifetimes access to weekly coaching inside the program, unlimited coaching in the community where you can post at any time and be supported by all of the coaches who are walking through this process.

As well as lifetime access to the portal, where you get 35 plus videos walking you through the step by step process. Join the wait list at lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. All the details for the program are there. All right, let’s dive in.

Borrowing from your future self, that is what we’re going to talk about today. So here’s why this is important, your future self is essentially the version of you that has the result that you want. So the version of you that has the fully booked coaching business, that has total freedom, that is living the life that she or he really wants.

In order to create those results, in order to create that life, your job is to become that version of you ahead of time. Your job is to inch your way into being that person now. The faster you do that, the faster you will create the results that you want.

Now, here’s the thing that I want to offer, a lot of people hear future self and they think that means this shiny, perfect version of themselves. And while you might have this vision for you, that’s not what it means. It doesn’t mean that you won’t maybe imagine you’re wearing like a certain type of outfit, that’s fine. But what a lot of people think is their future version is like enough, is perfect, and their current self is imperfect.

And what I want to offer is that your future self isn’t perfect. Your future self is still human and your future self is more about who you have to be in order to create the results that you want. That doesn’t mean you have to be this perfect, organized person. In fact, the way you’re going to create the results that you want is believing that you can create success without being perfectly organized, without being perfectly put together.

So I think it’s really important to differentiate that because I even have students in my mastermind who get stuck in this rabbit hole that they’re trying to achieve this perfect version of them. And really to create the success in the future that you want, it often looks like accepting more of who you are and believing that you have value to offer as you are. Okay? So that’s the first thing I want to offer.

Now, the reason why I want to teach this today, I have other podcast episodes on how to tap into that, how to do that. I have a whole process in Anything But Average teaching you how to identify who your future self is and how to start taking steps to become her. But today, what I want to talk about is borrowing from your future self.

And this is something you can use now, this is something that I recommend using when it comes to making the decision to join Anything But Average because you don’t have to be your future self yet to borrow from her. You don’t have to be there yet in order to start making decisions and taking action today that she would be taking.

In fact, how you grow to become her and create the life, and create the success, and create the coaching business that she has, your job is to start making decisions and taking actions the way she would today. Making the shifts you need to today, and that’s how you get there little by little.

I think so often people think they’re going to wake up one day and just be their future self and have to make these massive changes. And really, how you become your future self is small, little shifts every single day. It’s making one different decision, it’s seeing yourself and what you have to offer a little bit differently.

Now over five years, you’ll end up looking back and you’ll be like, “Who the heck is that?” Like when I talk to Chris about who I used to be, and the things I used to do, and what I used to think, he’s like, “What? I can’t even imagine.” And it’s so funny because I feel the same way. And so it feels like this massive transformation, but I didn’t become this person overnight.

I became this person with every little decision I made, every little thing that I addressed in my growth, every action and decision. And over time I built that muscle, I started to grow and change, and that’s how I got here five years later. So borrowing from your future self, essentially, is the process to becoming your future self.

It’s the process to becoming the person who has the coaching business and the life that you really want. So you become her one decision at a time, one shift at a time, one transformation at a time.

Now, the reason why this is important is if you want to create a successful coaching business and create the life you really want, you have to become her. So this is essentially like one of the simplest processes that you can follow in order to do that.

Now, how do you actually borrow from your future self and start closing that gap? The thing that you can look at is what your future self is doing. What the version of you who has the coaching business, the success, and the life that you want, what does she do, and why? What actions does she take in her business, and why? What risks is she willing to take, and why? How does she market her business, and why?

The reason why and why is really important is because if you’re not taking the action from the same thought process that she would, then that’s where the opportunity is to close the gap, that’s where the growth is. So you might say my future self is doing Facebook Lives. And the thought she has is people really want and need this and she’s showing up from total service.

And you’re like, “Okay, the action I’m going to take now is I’m going to start doing Lives, even though it makes me really uncomfortable and scared.” Which, first of all, there’s so much growth in that alone, just taking the action your future self would take. But then the next level of growth is, maybe you’re like, “I’m doing this so that I can hit my goal.” It’s going to create a different outcome.

So then you can see an exact guide and roadmap that your work is to become someone who does Facebook Lives from a place of thinking that you have something really valuable to offer. And that’s where you start closing the gap and growing and you become her, little by little. So in order to do this, you get clear on what is my future self doing? What decisions is she making? And how can I start doing that now?

And here’s what I will tell you, this will be a very uncomfortable experience. It’s easy for your future self to do, because she’s just the person who does it. The reason you’re not your future self yet and have the life and the results that she has is because you’re not the person who does it. So, of course, naturally those decisions and those actions are going to be very uncomfortable.

But your job is to follow through on that. Your job is to do it anyway, despite that discomfort. And then the real gold is in looking at the discomfort that shows up and coaching yourself on it and getting coaching on it. This is what we do in Anything But Average and why you get access to weekly coaching in the group and why you can post and get coaching.

Because the more aware you are of why you’re not doing it, or why you’re so uncomfortable when you do it, the more that you can start making those changes and getting coaching on it and growing and closing that gap. So it starts with getting clear on the decisions and action you would be taking, committing to it, and then looking for the discomfort and the growth to go from how you’re thinking about it now to how you need to be thinking about it in order to be your future self.

We talk about this in the Anything But Average Coach Mastermind, because what a lot of people do is they go to market their business and they start to have doubtful thoughts about whether people are going to buy and all these things. And I always tell them that the biggest, most important thing is that you have awareness of that.

When you start to see that, even if you’re not in belief or even if you have doubt, you still can bring yourself clarity by borrowing from your future self by asking, well, how would she say it? What would she do? And again, it’s going to be uncomfortable because your brain is like, “Well, we don’t know if people are out there. We don’t know if they’re listening.” And again, that’s where you address the growth.

This is one of the most important things when it comes to making powerful and uncomfortable decisions. I’ll never forget when I first hired my first life coach, and that decision felt very uncomfortable and provided a lot of growth for me.

I remember thinking, if I want to become someone who one day has the business and the life that I want, and who’s willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in herself, and has a business that can do that, I have to start now. I have to be the person who invests at scary uncomfortable levels today. I have to be the person who invests in the thing that’s going to help me become her, not wait until I become her so that I can invest that money.

And that’s where a lot of people get really stuck in that trap, is they’re like, “Well, I don’t feel ready yet.” The reason you don’t feel ready is because you haven’t become the person. The reason why you need to get in the program or make the investment is so that you learn how to become that person.

It’s kind of like a lot of people think like, when I quit my job, I’ll work out. No, if you have not become a person who works out, and finds time for it, and prioritizes in your current life, I promise you, when you don’t have more time you will not all of a sudden wake up and be that person. And so that’s why borrowing from your future self is so important.

It doesn’t mean you spend $100,000 now. It means that you start making those uncomfortable steps, and taking those uncomfortable actions, and making those decisions today to start developing and building the muscle that will grow over time. And that’s how you become her.

So start to utilize your future self as that guide. Start to follow through on the things she would be doing, the decisions she would be making. Start small, but start with the uncomfortable stuff. That’s the only way you’ll get there. Otherwise, you’ll just keep doing what’s comfortable for you now and you will never become her and you will never create her results.

So I’m going to say this to polish off the episode, if you want to become her, if you want to become your future self with the life, the success, the coaching business that you want, you have to make decisions that are uncomfortable to you and your brain today. You cannot get to that end goal, continuing to do what’s comfortable to you now. Because what’s comfortable to you now will only continue to create the same results you have right now. Period, end of story. That’s it.

If you want the roadmap to success, if you want the roadmap to the coaching business that you really want, this is it. Now the question is, are you willing to be that uncomfortable? Are you willing to follow through on those things?

And again, this is one of the biggest assets of being in Anything But Average, is that your brain will want to talk you out of it but me and my team of coaches is going to be there to help you continue to move forward and be committed to it, even when it gets really uncomfortable. And help you get yourself to follow through on it so that you get there. Because what’s on the line is your dream.

What’s on the line of not doing this is you waking up in five years with the exact same life you have now. That’s the roadmap. I love you guys, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and make sure to join the wait list. Again, it opens April 6th and we will see you on the inside. Bye.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in Anything But Average where I will walk you through the step by step process to become a coach, start your coaching business, and start signing clients. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and I will see you on the inside.

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