Ep #111: Enoughness and Sufficiency with Jillie Johnston

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I’m bringing you another episode hosted by one of my amazing mastermind students, and you’re going to love her. This week, Jillie Johnston is sharing her favorite concept that we’ve worked on together, and how she’s helped so many of her clients create a true sense of enoughness.

Jillie Johnston is a worthiness coach that helps everyday leaders and activists feel worthy of the work that they want to do in the world. We’ve been working together for nearly five years and the evolutions and transformations she’s seen in that time have been truly mind-blowing.

Tune in this week to discover where you’re taking action from insufficiency, and instead how to operate from a place of enoughness. Jillie is sharing stories from her own life and business that I know so many of you will see yourself in and identify with. So, if you want to experience more worthiness in your business, your relationships, or any other area of your life, you’re in the right place.


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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • How Jillie actually joined Anything but Average from a place of insufficiency and not-enoughness.
  • The work that Jillie did on enoughness inside of Anything but Average.
  • Why Jillie made enoughness the cornerstone of her entire business.
  • How everything in our lives comes down to what we believe we’re worthy of.
  • What you can do to see where you’re acting from sufficiency, and where you’re acting from not-enoughness.
  • How to give yourself credit, recognize the progress you’ve made, and see why you are enough right now.

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Welcome to the Anything But Average podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything But Average. Over the next six podcast episodes you are going to be hearing from six different mastermind students who are going to teach you their favorite concept that they have learned in our work together. These mastermind students have created $40,000 businesses, $100,000 businesses doing work that they love while creating the life that they really want.

I specifically chose these six mastermind students because they started in Anything But Average or my old variation of the program, which was called Mango Magic, where they got started in their coaching business, signed their first few clients, and have risen up from that level to the mastermind level where they are really creating the full-time coaching business, 100K business that they set out to create from the beginning.

I wanted their unique perspective because they started at the ground up in our work together and I wanted them to teach you a concept that helped them at that point in their business. So without further ado I’d like to introduce my mastermind students to you, and their individual podcast episode on one of their favorite concepts that we’ve worked on together.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another amazing episode with Anything But Average the podcast. I am Jillie Johnston and I am going to be today’s episode host. I’m so excited to be with you. I am a worthiness coach that helps everyday leaders and activists feel worthy of the work that they want to do in the world and help them feel enough. Which I’m so pumped about because that is actually what we’re going to be talking about today, is enoughness and sufficiency.

And so before we kind of dive into that, I wanted to share a little bit about who I am, why I do this, where I am, and how this work and this idea of enoughness has been the exact thing that not only have I needed, but that Lindsey has helped me see, and that has become the basis and the foundation of my entire business because it is that important. I believe that today’s episode is the most important episode that you will ever listen to. I might be a little biased, but I am going to be so bold as to say that.

And so I have been working with Lindsey for, I think, between four and five years now. I joined one of her very first programs where I joined it because I knew that I was made for more, but I didn’t yet feel like I was enough to do it. And so I actually joined from a place of insufficiency and not enoughness. But sometimes that actually can be helpful because it put me into action.

But I’m going to kind of tell you a little bit about the story of how that evolved, how I’ve evolved. And maybe you, and what I hope is that you’re going to see yourself in this story and start identifying when are you taking action from enoughness? Or when are you taking action from not enoughness, right? Some people call this like fear or scarcity and abundance.

I always talk about it from this sense of enoughness and not enoughness, because I’m a worthiness coach and I believe that everything comes down to what we believe we are worthy of. And so unless we believe we are worthy of the life that we’ve created, worthy of the business that we’ve created, worthy of the love that we’ve created, worthy of the money, the income, the impact, you name it. If we don’t believe that we are worthy of it and enough for it, then we are going to sabotage it and push it away. Right?

And I am sure I am not the only one that has ever done that in their lifetime. I’ve like gotten to the goal, gotten to this thing that I’ve envisioned for myself, right? And then all of a sudden was like, “Oh shoot, I don’t feel like I’m worthy of this. I don’t feel like I’m deserving of this.” Right?

I, last year, hit my first six figure year and immediately contracted back. Because every time, and Lindsey talks about this all the time, every time we level up and we hit a new level, it kind of requires a deepening of belief, right? New level, new devil.

And so when we’re talking about this place of enoughness and sufficiency, so many times we think like, when I get three clients I’m finally going to feel enough, I’m going to finally feel like a coach. When I hit six figures I’m going to finally feel like I’m a coach and killing it, right? I’m going to finally feel enough and have the confidence, when that is a moving goalpost.

And when you are moving the goalpost, it will always move at the next goal because you didn’t believe that what you were right now, or what you were when you started was enough to have and to create what you’re doing, right? But there had to be some level of belief because you’ve created it, right? So I want to challenge you even there. And so of course you’re enough because you have it. Of course you’re sufficient because you have it. And what if that truly was enough?

And so today, we’re going to go into some of the models of not enough model. I’m going to talk about the book that Lindsey talks about all the time of the, what is it, The Gap and The Gain. A little bit of that ideology and how that fits into the not enoughness, and enoughness, and sufficiency. And when to know when you’re taking action from not enoughness versus action from enoughness.

Because this has been the biggest thing in my business because I, as a high achieving woman, who was a division one athlete, who started a nonprofit, who’s never been grounded in my life, who is a recovering perfectionist and recovering people pleaser, I always thought that achievements, and praise, and doing more was finally going to make me feel enough. So I always took action.

And there’s so many people that I’ve seen in ABA, because that is who we are, right? We are action based. We are achievers. We want to make a difference in the world. We are mission driven, right? We want freedom. That we think that it’s just more action. We think that if we do the one more thing, if we do the five more things that the clients are going to come. That we’re finally going to feel enough. That we’re finally going to have the confidence, right?

And it’s around this idea of ready, right? We need to feel ready. That ready is a lie because all of that action is coming from not enoughness. That I’m not enough right now, but when I get my first client I will be. That I am not enough right now, but when I get five clients or three clients who can join the mastermind, then I will be. When I make X amount of dollars, then I will be enough.

But the thing is, is when we act from that story, because it’s being led from the thought of not enoughness, which then creates the feelings of like desperation, neediness, urgency, panic, frustration, doubt. And then we take action and do more. What it does, it just perpetuates that same belief, right?

So when you act from not enoughness, then what it results in is you feeling not enough no matter what. So the energy in which you create your result from, is going to be the energy in which you experience that result in if you don’t change the one thing that you need to change. And that is your mindset. That is seeing how you are enough no matter what, how you are enough right now.

And so as I’ve done this, as I’ve began to shift, and I am not saying that I am 100% there. We are never there. This is a journey, not a destination, right? And I coach worthiness, I teach worthiness because it has been the biggest thing that I have needed. We always teach the thing that we need most.

So when I recognize like, oh shoot, I’ve actually launched something because I feel like I need to do more. I have created something because I feel like I need to do more, I need to have more impact. That is always what has driven me, is I feel like I’m not making enough impact.

And what I’ve had to get coached on again and again and again, which I’ve also had to coach my clients on again and again and again, is actually, how are you making an impact? And how is that enough right now? How can you give yourself credit? How can you see the progress that you have made from where you are right now?

Because this idea of like law of attraction, and manifestation, and our thinking creates our results. first we need to see how what we are doing right now is enough. How we are making enough of an impact. And that is what is going to inspire us, right? That is what is going to inspire the action that will result in making more impact, in creating more income when we see how what we have is enough right now.

And I think sometimes we also are afraid that if we see ourselves as enough or we see our results as enough right now, that we’re going to get complacent or we’re not going to actually like push towards those goals. And I want you to prove yourself wrong here.

And I was actually talking to one of my clients about this this week because she’s living her life in a whole new way. She’s blowing her own mind, she’s creating the amount of opportunities that she thought that she wasn’t going to get for five more years. And she’s created it within two months of working together, which has been amazing and incredible to see. But she isn’t quite trusting herself enough yet because she doesn’t have the evidence to support that new belief.

So she doesn’t have the evidence. She thinks she needs evidence, and we all do, we think we need evidence in order to support this new belief, right? And of course, that’s helpful, But if you think about it, our circumstances, our thoughts about our circumstances are what create things.

It isn’t our circumstances themselves, it’s our thought about our circumstances which is going to create the results. So what you think about your circumstance, that is within your control. So it is what you are thinking that is going to create the result in your life.

And as I say this I also want to call out for those of you who are like me, that has all of a sudden been so afraid to think any negative thought or take any action from not enoughness, right? And so I want to also offer you this, you cannot mess this up. And if you really believed that, then all you would have to do is pivot.

All you need to do is change your thinking. Take responsibility for the results and then change your thinking and say, okay, ask yourself this, if I knew that I was enough no matter what, if I knew that I was worthy no matter what, what action would I take from here?

Lindsey has asked me this so many times and I love it when she asks this question. If I already knew that I was enough no matter what, then what action would I take from here? And by asking yourself that question and by taking action from that space, you’re beginning to ingrain and create a new belief. You’re beginning to open up space for new evidence to come into your life that you are enough.

And at first, it’s really scary. This feels like a really big leap, right? Because there’s been something in your life, this belief of not enoughness is protecting you from something. What has it been protecting you from? Do you believe it’s been protecting you from failure? Protecting you from rejection? Protecting you from success?

But this belief of you not being enough has protected you from something. And I want to ask you what has it protected you from? And do you really need it anymore? Do you really need that in your life to get to the place that you want to go? Because what has gotten you here in your life? Right here right now the result that you’ve created, which is amazing and magnificent, even if you choose not to see it yet. Isn’t that what’s going to get you to the next place?

So if you actually have made it here from a space of not enoughness and insufficiency, where could you go with enoughness and sufficiency? And you probably asking me like, “Okay, Jillie, I understand that. I’m picking up what you’re putting down, but how?” I am also how person and I get it. And so how do you act from a space of enoughness and sufficiency, right?

And this is kind of around this idea of in the gap and the gain, and Lindsay talks about this too and posts on her story about it all the time, she loves this book. So a lot of times we are comparing ourselves to the vision that we have, to our ideal, right?

So we’re looking at where we are now and we’re seeing how far we have to go, right? And that in that space, enough, right there makes us feel not enough. Like we’re failing, like we’re behind because we are comparing where we are right now to where we want to go in the future, which is always evolving, always changing, always moving.

And so when we compare ourselves right now to that, we will always be behind, of course, right? It’s our vision of our future, of course we are. And it always moves because we are goal oriented people that want to evolve and change with it. So from that space we’re always going to feel like we are behind, we’re always going to feel insufficient.

But if we look at where we were, so where you were, if you are a part of ABA, where you were when you first joined. Or if you’re not, where you were a year ago, or five years ago, right? Maybe even where you were a month ago. And compare yourself now to where you were then. Oh my goodness, you’ll knock your socks off. You will knock your own socks off if you look at where you are now compared to where you were.

And actually give yourself credit for that, that’s amazing. You are amazing. And when you look at it that way, you can look at yourself and be like, “Holy cow, look how far I’ve come.” This is where our inspiration lies. This is where our motivation lies. And when we look at that, that’s enoughness, that’s acting from a place of sufficiency. Holy cow, look how far I’ve come, look what I’ve done.

But it isn’t your achievement that did that. You did that, my friend. You did that. You chose those things, you did those things, you created those things. And you get to do that plus more again and again and again.

And so from that space, after you’ve looked at how far you’ve come, I then want you to ask yourself, how are you enough already? How is the impact you’ve made enough already? How is the income that you have enough already? Even if it’s less than what you want, how can it be enough right now? How can this be your jumping off point? In your relationship how are you enough already? In parenting how are you enough already? Whatever, in your health how are you enough already?

Because my favorite quote, my favorite saying is there’s always two sides of the thinness sheet of paper. Meaning you will always have evidence of both. You will always have evidence of how you are not enough. And you will always have evidence of how you are. You will always have evidence of how you have acted and taken action from not enoughness. You will also always have evidence, always, of how you have taken action from enoughness, how you are enough and sufficient all ready.

And every single day before you do anything, this is even a great exercise to do in the morning, ask yourself those things. Go through every area of your life. How are you enough? How is what you’re doing enough? How is what you have enough? How is it sufficient right now?

And when you can get into that space, because that moves you into a space of gratitude, awe, neutrality, right? And that’s more on like a lower spectrum, but like excitement. And then from there you can create more. From there you make the decisions and see what happens.

In the past, I would say, year and a half I’ve really challenged myself, right? I’ve really, really challenged myself. Before I make any decisions it’s where am I making this decision from? If I knew that I was enough already, if I knew that the impact I had, my business, my life, anything in my life was enough, where would I go from here and what decision would I make?

Because what that is doing every single time is that is then perpetuating that new belief about yourself. That new belief that you are enough. And not just when you’re productive, not just when you are producing, when you are showing up for everyone else in your life, when you are feeling 100%, right? It’s really easy to feel enough then.

But how are you enough on the days where you’re feeling less than 100%? The days that you’re sick, or you’re down, you’re in a rut, you’re frustrated, when the consult says no, right? When your kids act out, when your relationship is less than ideal, how are you still enough on those days too? Because your enoughness is not conditional. Your worthiness is not conditional.

Now, are you ready? I’m about to blow your mind, your power is not conditional. You are worthy, you are enough, and you are powerful no matter what on any given day. No matter how you feel and no matter where you are. That is powerful. That is what seeing your enoughness and being in sufficiency with yourself, your life, your business is going to give you. You become unstoppable. And I cannot wait to see what you do with it.

All right everyone, thank you for joining me today. Again, my name is Jillie Johnston. You can follow me on Instagram at Jillie, J-I-L-L-I-E, Johnston with a T, coaching. And I cannot wait to see what you think about this episode, get your feedback, interact with you. Let me know. So remember that you are enough. Go do these exercises, ask these questions to yourself every single day and watch your life transform. Have an amazing day and I cannot wait to talk to you soon.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in Anything But Average where I will walk you through the step by step process to become a coach, start your coaching business, and start signing clients. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and I will see you on the inside.

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