Ep #28: Step 3 – Launch Your Business

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Welcome to step three of my Anything but Average process: launching your business. This is the newest addition to the process, and I’ll be sharing why I felt the need to add it in and what this step is all about.

So many of you know you’re meant for more and think about launching a business, but get frustrated that no one is buying from you, or that it’s not working. What I often find is that many of you haven’t actually launched your business, and I’ll be showing you what I mean by this and how to have the pieces in place to do so.

Listen in this week to discover the three things you need to launch your business. When you follow this process and build each step on top of the next, launching your dream business really can be as simple as three steps, and I can’t wait for you to start making it a reality.

I’m running an exclusive free training that I’ve never offered before called 4 Simple Steps to Create a Purposeful Business. If you know you’re meant for more but don’t know what it is yet, or if you have a business but you haven’t reached the level of success you want, you have got to join us. The webinar is happening on October 14th, 2020 at 5:30pm Eastern time, and there will not be a replay, so click here to register and I can’t wait to see you there!

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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • Why I added this step to the Anything but Average process.
  • 3 things you need to have in place to launch your business.
  • How going through steps one and two help you believe in your offer for step three.

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Hey guys, welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast, with your host, me, life coach Lindsey Mango, where I am going to teach you how to change your life, find your purpose, and change other people’s lives because that’s what it takes to have an anything but average life. Let’s get started.

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything but Average. Y’all, apparently, I got my Kentucky twang back. I literally can’t believe we’ve been back in Kentucky for three months I think already. Maybe four. It’s like, part of me feels like we were in California yesterday, and the part of me feels like that was like, years ago. It’s kind of crazy.

Anyway, you’ll hear me break out my y’all. I’ll never forget when I moved to Louisville, Kentucky from Chicago, I was like, I’m never saying y’all. My past self I think would be a little disappointed. I’m kidding. I think y’all is so cute. But back then, I was like, I’m not a Southern girl.

And sometimes I whip out that accent on accident and my husband is like, wow, what’s happening? Anyway, I know you guys didn’t come here to listen to me jabber about a Southern accent. We are in step three of the four-step Anything but Average process. So if you are new here, make sure to go listen to steps one and two.

This process, we build off of each step. So they’re not going to make as much sense and they’re not going to work as effectively unless you go through the whole process and understand each step of the process. So go and do that.

And if you’ve been tracking with me, I am so excited to talk about today’s topic. Step three, launch your business. So step one is changing your life. You guys already know, but this establishes your ability to create results in your life. It establishes your ability to feel happy no matter where you are.

It establishes your purpose and gives you clarity around your purpose, which leads you to step two, find your purpose. Choosing that thing that you are meant to do with your life, which then leads to step three, launching your business.

So taking your purpose and turning it into a business that you can make money doing what you’re meant to do. That’s what step three is all about. The reason why I actually added this step in is because I realized what a lot of you guys like to do is you don’t even like, actually launch your business.

You find your purpose or you pick a business, and then you say you’re a business owner, but then you don’t ever launch it. And so then you feel frustrated because you’re trying to get this business to work, but when I think about launching your business, I think about it like a restaurant.

Turning the lights on, turning the open sign on, and having a menu that people can come in and order off of. That means they’re actually open for business. That’s what launching your business is all about. But what a lot of you guys do, when you get to this point in the process is you don’t turn the open sign on, you keep the lights off, you don’t even have a menu for anybody to order from, and you’re like, hey, I’ve got a business.

And you get frustrated, nobody’s buying, it’s not working, all of these things. Or you’re just like, scared, sitting in the dark thinking like, I know I need to turn the lights on but I’m too afraid to. Either way, what’s happening is if you don’t actually launch your business, if you don’t turn the lights on, if you don’t turn the open sign on, if you don’t have a menu for people to order off of, you’re not going to have a business.

So really, launching your business comes down to three things. You can’t skip over it because you got to open your business, you’ve got to turn the lights on, right? But it really comes down to having three things in place.

The first thing is you’ve got to have something that you’re offering people. You have to have a price for what you’re offering people. When it comes to having a business, a business is just a hobby if you don’t make money from it. So you have to have something that people – an offer that they can buy, and you have to have a price that they can buy it for to launch your business.

And the last piece, the most important piece is you have to believe in what you’re offering. Because really, launching a business is just tell people about it. Tell the world about it. Put it on social media. Put it on your personal Facebook page. Anybody who asks you what you do, tell them about it.

That’s really all that launching a business is, opening a business. Turning the lights on, turning the open sign on. Once you have the menu and the prices, you got to let people know that it’s there. And in order to let people know that it’s there, you have to believe in what you’re offering.

You have to be confident in your offer and that it’s worth the price that you’re charging for it, and that it’s something amazing that people need. If you don’t have those three things, I promise you, you are either sitting in the dark in your “restaurant” business, and you’re confused about why nobody’s buying, or you’re just not turning the lights on, not turning the open sign on, not telling people about it.

So that’s it. That’s as simple as it is. Now, a lot of us like to jump into confusion when it comes to our offer and what we’re charging. It really is just a decision. It’s not that complicated. But I understand in our brains it can feel really complicated. It can feel really scary, like putting a price on it, doing all that.

That’s why in module three of Anything but Average, I actually walk you through how to do it, how to decide. I provide coaching support in the program so that you can get through any drama that’s keeping you from making that decision and from actually seeing like, yes, the price I’m charging is what this is worth.

And then I teach you how to believe wholeheartedly in your offer. This is why the whole process is so important. Because when you change your life first and you get results, that’s going to help you believe in your offer in step three of the process. When you find your true purpose and it’s the thing you’re meant to bring to the world because it has impacted you, that’s going to help you believe.

Launching your business is going to be so much easier when you have those two things in place. You’re going to naturally do it. That actually reminds me, for me – I’ve talked about this a little bit on the podcast, but I started network marketing businesses twice because I was trying to fix my life. I hadn’t changed my life first.

I was trying to pick the thing that felt doable. It was like, oh, I don’t know how to start a business, so I’ll just choose this thing. So I didn’t choose my actual purpose. And when I did that, I was really goal oriented, so I posted about it, I talked to people about it, but I wasn’t effectively creating as big of results as I could because I didn’t believe in it to the depth.

I believed it was helpful, but I didn’t believe it was life-changing mind-blowing and everybody needed it, and that’s what kept me from reaching new levels. So because I didn’t nail those two parts, the third part was even harder. Launching the business was even harder and getting it to work and getting people in the door and all of that was harder.

So that’s why the process is so important. But the other piece of it is when I changed my life and then I realized that what I was meant to do was bring coaching to the world, I signed a client on the first day, the day I opened my business because I had selected an offer, I picked a price, and I literally believed in it so deeply that it drew people in, that people wanted to know what I was offering because I was so happy, because I had results. They were like, what is this girl drinking? I want some of it too.

So that energy came out when I launched my business and literally people came in. This is why I replaced my corporate salary in six months after eight years of trying different jobs and trying to start businesses. I replaced my corporate salary in six months and signed like, 10 clients because I believed in it so deeply, because I had nailed steps one and two of the process, and because I was just like, everybody needs to know about this, this is the key to the universe.

When you choose the right purpose, when you change your life and create your results, launching your business is so much easier. But those are really the three things that you need. So if you’re missing that kind of belief in your work, if you haven’t picked an offer, if you haven’t picked a price or you just aren’t telling people about it, doesn’t matter what you do.

The doubt and the fear and whatever’s keeping you from believing wholeheartedly in what you’re offering is going to keep you from creating the level of success in your business that you could. That’s what launching your business is about.

That’s why launching your business is the third step of the process and that’s how truly simple it can be when you follow this process, when you have the right things in place, when you have the right mindset in place and belief. It’s so simple. I went from eight years of trying and just spinning around and not creating the results I want to six months, you guys.

And within a year, I was making six figures because I was nailing these three things. That’s it. So today, I probably haven’t even announced it if you’re listening to this early in the morning. I’m opening an exclusive free training that I’ve never offered before. It’s called 4 Simple Steps to Create a Purposeful Business.

Whether you just know you’re meant for more and you don’t even know what that is, or you know you want to find your purpose, or you know you want to start a business, or maybe you’ve started a business but you really haven’t reached the level of success that you want, you have got to be on this training.

To me, a purposeful business means you have both of those things. It has meaning, it is something that matters to you, it is something that you love and you believe in, and it is a business, making money, being successful, changing people’s lives, signing clients.

That’s what I’m going to teach you in these four simple steps. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/purposefulbusiness. Go to my social media. I’m going to be announcing it. The webinar is happening on October 14th at 5:30pm Eastern time. So that’s literally a week from today.

Pull out your calendar if you use a paper calendar. Pull out your phone, put it in there, get a babysitter, do whatever you have to do to be on that live. I’m not going to be sending out a replay and I also have a surprise bonus that you have to be only on live to get access to and you guys are going to want it.

And I don’t want to get a bunch of messages that say will there be a replay. I want you guys to also see being there live as an opportunity to learn how to commit and show up for something. When it comes to starting a purposeful business and creating a successful purposeful business, you got to show up.

And showing up means despite having a job, despite having kids, despite having a hectic life, despite having to find a time to workout, all of that means showing up for it no matter what. If you can learn how to show up for this and set aside that time, it’s actually going to teach you the ability to show up for your business the way that you need to.

So see it as that opportunity. Do whatever you have to do to be there live. You guys do not want to miss it. Lindseymangocoaching.com/purposefulbusiness and I will talk to you next week and I will see you on the webinar. Love you guys. Bye.

If you want to take this work even deeper and coach with me in my signature program, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. In this program, I will teach you how to take this work and create results so you can have a life that blows your mind in the areas of money, purpose, health, lifestyle, and romance. I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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