Ep #89: Starting Too Soon vs Starting Too Late

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What led you to start your coaching business? Were you scared the market was getting oversaturated and that you urgently needed to get out there? Or are you holding off on starting your business because you’re continuing to focus on what you don’t yet have to offer? 

Wherever you land on the spectrum, I want to offer that none of it is a problem. Today, we’re diving into what it looks like to start your coaching business too soon versus too late, and how to get yourself to a place of rock-solid foundation without having to burn your business to the ground and start back over. 

Listen in as I show you how to identify whether you’ve started your business too soon or too late, and what you need to do in order to feel like you’ve started right on time. I’m offering the unique work you’ll have to lean into once you know where you are, and these takeaways are going to help you take your business to the next level. 

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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • What it looks like to start your coaching business too soon versus too late. 
  • How to solve for starting your business too soon or too late.
  • Why starting your business too soon or too late holds you back in different ways. 
  • What to focus on to get yourself to a place where you’ve started your business right on time. 

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Hey guys, before we jump into today’s episode, I want to make sure you know the next enrollment dates for Anything But Average, my program the teaches you how to become a great coach, start your coaching business, and sign clients.

Anything But Average will open for enrollment January 5th and close January 11th. Make sure to mark your calendar. If you are ready to join this round go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage, click the button that says join the wait list, it’s right at the top. And you will be put on an exclusive email list where you will get sneak peaks in the program, sneak peaks of our live coaching sessions, as well as bonus content until the program reopens. I love you guys and I can’t wait to see you on the inside. Let’s jump in.

Welcome to the Anything But Average podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything But Average. Guys, how are you? I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas time. And just that it’s the holiday season in general, whether you’re a Christmas celebrator or not. I’m like, what? How is it mid-December? Literally blows my mind.

All right, before we jump into today’s episode, I want to share a testimonial from one of my students in Anything But Average. This is what Nadia had to say, “Before joining Anything But Average I felt like I was settling for a life I didn’t want. I wanted to start a coaching business in part because I wanted to use it as a way of escaping my current situation. One of the biggest gifts ABA and Lindsey gave me was making me slow down enough to change my life first.

Doing that is what taught me how to be a great coach for other women from a truly authentic place, by mastering the tools myself. One of the biggest shifts has been getting to a point where I was no longer willing to accept things in my life that do not serve me. This alone changed everything for me. I will always remember the coaching that Lindsey gave me that changed my life and I will forever be grateful.

My favorite part about the program is the weekly live coaching sessions. I show up every week to get coaching from Lindsey. Knowing that no matter what I have access to coaching from Lindsey every week is so reassuring. And the fact that we have lifetime access to this is unbelievable.

I’ve invested in my fair share of programs, but none of them have even come close to the value of Anything But Average. It literally has everything you need to change your own life, learn how to coach, start your business, and start signing clients.

Since joining the program I’ve completely transformed my personal life, I’ve improved my relationships, and I’ve learned how to manage my own mind to create a life that I love. I’ve launched my business and signed my first two clients, which means I’ve more than doubled my original investment. And I know this is just the beginning.”

So good. Nadia is such a great example of leaning into this work and really doing it. And it’s actually the perfect testimonial to use for today because something that I see happen a lot with coaches is they try to use their business, and this happens in any type of business, they try to use their business to escape their life.

And part of our biggest job as a coach is to be an example of what life can look like for our clients. And if we’re trying to escape the life that we have right now by starting a business, we’re going to think that everybody else has to escape their lives by starting a business or doing something like it to create what they want.

Now, I’m not saying– You guys are like all here to start coaching businesses so you can create more freedom and create more of what you want. But that starts with learning how to feel good about the life you have right now. That is one of the biggest transformations you can offer your clients. And students and that’s going to lay the foundation you need to build more of what you want when you start the coaching business, when you create the freedom. I love it so good.

All right, so today what I want to talk about is starting your coaching business too soon versus too late. I can already feel the potential drama this episode is going to pop up for you guys.

And here’s what I want to offer before we actually jump into it, the first thing or the main thing is that if you’ve started “too soon” or “too late” I want you to just think of it as not a problem. It’s all for your growth. You don’t have to start back over, nothing’s gone wrong. This is just an opportunity for your growth. This is an opportunity to lean into this work and focus on what you specifically need to in order to take your coaching business to the next level.

So again, I don’t want you to hear this and be like, “Oh my gosh, I started too early. This is a massive problem. I’m doing it all wrong.” I want you to approach it from the place of, “I was courageous, I started. And I’ve got a little bit of work to do over here that’s going to help me build my business to where I want it to go.” Or you’re like, “Oh, I’ve waited too long.” That doesn’t mean you keep waiting and it’s over for you. It means like, “Oh, here’s my gap and here’s my opportunity for growth.”

So that’s kind of how I want to preface this episode, because again, I can just see it now inside Anything But Average, and just in general, people messaging me and being like, “Oh my gosh, I’m doing it wrong.” Nothing’s gone wrong here, this is just your opportunity for growth.

Today’s episode is going to look just a little bit different because I just want to show you guys the difference between what it looks like to start your coaching business too soon, versus too late. So you can identify which one you fall into and then I’m going to talk about how to solve for it. Like what to do in order to get yourself to a place where you’ve started right on time.

And again, starting right on time doesn’t mean we need to like burn your business to the ground and start back over. I just mean to get yourself to a rock solid foundation so wherever you are, you can really build your business off of it.

Because here’s the thing, starting too soon will continue to impact you no matter how hard you work. No matter what you do in your business, it will continue to hold you back from creating the coaching business that you want. Starting too late will keep you from getting out there at all and actually building the business you want as well.

So we’re going to talk about what to focus on to lay that foundation so you can build off of it and create what you really want. All right, so here’s what starting your coaching business too soon– And for those of you who haven’t, you’re just listening to this and you’re like, “I want to start a coaching business.” This will also really help you identify where you’re at, and what you need to focus on to get going.

So starting too soon happens when you try to rush your coaching business and escape the life that you have. So you’re like, “I hate my life so much. I need to start a coaching business because I need to get out of this job and I need to fix it.” Starting too soon looks like trying to beat somebody for the punch, or to the punch, that’s the saying. It would be like, you’re like, “Oh no, the market is getting more over saturated, my friend is going to be a coach now. I just need to get it out there and do it.”

Starting too soon looks like not believing in what you have to offer as a coach. Now, again, these are thoughts that people have. It’s normal, it’s not a problem. But if you’re not cleaning them up, even after you’ve started, they’re going to continue to impact the growth of your business.

Starting too soon looks like really not knowing how to coach or feeling confident in your ability to coach. And starting too soon looks like not being an example of coaching. Like not going through your own breakthrough or transformation and truly seeing the power of coaching before you start.

It’s like you’re teaching cognitive tools, but you don’t deeply feel them and understand them and think like, “Holy crap, coaching is the most profound thing. It’s changed my life, it’s going to change yours too.”

Now, here are the predominant feelings you will experience when you’re trying to start too soon or when you’ve started too soon. You will feel rushed, you will feel urgent, you will feel panicky, you will feel pressure. Those are the feelings that are motivating your action.

Now, the result you create is a business where you’re burning out, you’re trying really hard, you’re doing all the things but you’re not creating the clients and the success you want. You’re not helping your clients create the results that they want. And so your business is, I almost imagine it’s built off of kind of a wobbly foundation because you don’t have that rock solid belief in what you have to offer as a coach.

You don’t have that rock solid belief in your ability to coach your clients and your ability to grow this business. And so you try to make up for it by doing. Which is exactly what you did at the beginning of your business. This is why you started too soon, you tried to make up for whatever feeling you have, whatever situation you’re trying to get out of by starting a business.

Now, what does it look like to start too late? Starting too late looks like continuing to focus on what you don’t have to offer and that you don’t know enough, and that you need more information in order to get out there.

It’s thinking that you’ll feel ready when the time comes to get started, and waiting on that feeling. It’s knowing that you’ve got some decisions to make in terms of what type of coach you want to be, your offer, all of those things, which stuff we work on an ABA. But not making decisions and just spinning in constant confusion about them.

Basically what it looks like is you’re just gathering more information. Maybe you’ve waited a year and you’ve gotten certification after certification or gotten in program after program and you still have haven’t started. You keep thinking that you don’t have anything to offer, you’re not ready. All of that. The predominant feelings that are driving this are doubt, fear, discomfort, and those feelings are keeping you from actually getting started.

Now, again, I just want you guys to be onto yourself, what this looks like is you’ll collect lots of information, gather lots of knowledge, and you’ll be like, how has it been six months or a year or two years or whatever, and I still haven’t gotten started, or I still am not signing clients? That’s what it looks like to start too late.

Now, if you’re in the process of doing this right now, it’s okay, just know you’re going to get the solution for it right now, on either side, if you’ve found yourself starting too early or starting too late. And here’s the solution, if you’ve started too soon, what you need to do is focus on changing your own life with coaching.

You need to focus on learning how to get rid of and change the pressure, the force, the rush, the urgent feeling. I promise you will take that with you through your entire business if you don’t know how to handle it where you are.

You will learn how to create a life right now where you are, yes, with the job you have. Yes, in the relationship you have. Yes, with the finances you have. And really enjoy the life that you have right now so you can be an example for your clients.

That’s what changing your life is really all about, it’s learning to be in transformation so that you don’t continue the same cycle. Which is taking a bunch of action and doing a bunch of things that end up not working because you feel the exact same way no matter what you do, that your ideal clients are doing.

When you slow down to do that, you will lead by example and people will be drawn to you because they will be like, “This girl, she feels. This girl, this guy, this person feels like they have everything that I want.” Even if you’re still at your job while you’re building your business. Your life is inspiring where it is. But if you don’t think it is, you’re not going to attract and create the clients you want. You’re going to burn yourself out trying so damn hard and still not create the level of success that you want.

So you have to start with slowing down to change your life. Now, you might be hearing this and you might have so much resistance. I know who you are. Trust me, I’m a fast mover too. You’re like I don’t have time for that. I just want to get out of my job. But that’s exactly why you need to do it.

I did a podcast a couple episodes ago on resistance being that’s exactly where you have to look. When resistance pops up, that’s exactly where you have to go in order to create the growth that you want.

Now, again, I want to offer when people hear that step of the process, changing your life and being your own transformation, they think it’s going to be this long drawn out process. Absolutely not. When my students join Anything But Average, they can go through a three week transformation and really focusing on this and create so much change in how they’re feeling and the way they’re thinking and how they feel about their life that they’re ready to go.

And again, this doesn’t mean you have to stop the business you’ve already started. This just means slowing down a little bit to start sharing the transformation you’re creating in your own life with your audience and being that example.

So this is the first module of Anything But Average. This is one of the things I see so many programs and so many coaches lacking. They don’t slow down enough to do this work on themselves. Without that, you lack belief in coaching.

You’re like, “Hey, you guys should buy coaching. It hasn’t really helped me, but you should definitely buy it. I still feel like my life is crappy, I’m trying to escape it or do all this stuff. But you should definitely learn how to love your life.” So that’s the first module in the program and that’s what you need to focus on if you find yourself stuck in starting too soon.

Now, for those of you who are starting too late, your work is to get clear on your unique purpose as a coach and make decisions and learn how to make powerful decisions instead of spinning in confusion. That’s what we do in module two of Anything But Average, is really get clear on the fear and doubt and confusion and how to address that and how to make powerful decisions so that you can move forward and build off of that.

Once you do that, then the third module is launching your business and putting it out in the world. So that is also about decisions and your offer, your price, what you’re going to do. We address all of that and any drama that comes up with making those decisions. And then we coach and there’s a whole process on building confidence to start going out and telling the world about it.

This module we address the real stuff that’s keeping you from starting, the fear, the doubt, the discomfort. And learning how to get to a place of excitement and inspiration and power to launch your business by changing your thinking. By changing the way that you feel about what you have to offer as a coach instead of collecting more information and knowledge to feel ready when readiness doesn’t come from circumstances, it doesn’t come from having the right number of certifications or information.

It comes from you learning how to create that feeling within yourself. And that’s what you need to focus on. If you don’t, what you’ll do is you’ll continue to wait and listen to these feelings and not get started because of them. When you could start right now and start signing clients and creating the coaching business you want.

Now, if that scares the crap out of you, good. That’s the gap we have to close in order for you to create the coaching business that you really want. The last module of the program is learning how to sign clients, market, all of that, that’s going to help both of you.

All of the process is going to help whether you’ve started too soon or started too late, the entire process is going to walk you through how to get started, how to sign clients consistently. But it’s really powerful to understand where your work really lies, and which one you fall into so you know where your focus needs to be.

So the question is, have you started too soon? Have you started too late? What do you need to focus on? Do you need to focus on changing your life and being the example? Or do you need to focus on tackling the real fear? And I always call it like getting in the arena and using the coaching tools that you understand cognitively to face your fears and take the risk and put yourself out there by finding your purpose and actually launching your business and putting it out in the world.

These are all things we cover in Anything But Average. It is not open for enrollment right now, but we are inching closer and closer to the enrollment dates. Again it opens January 5th and closes January 11th. Make sure to go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. All of the buttons on that page are now join the wait list, you’ll get exclusive content leading up to the open dates. And I will see you guys on the inside. I love you and I will talk to you next week.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in Anything But Average where I will walk you through the step by step process to become a coach, start your coaching business, and start signing clients. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and I will see you on the inside.

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