Ep #29: Step 4 – Change Other People’s Lives

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We’re finally here at the last step of my four-step process to create an Anything but Average life! I believe in this work so deeply, and I’ve mastered the ability to change other people’s lives by being a constant student and seeing the magic of what it can do, so I’m excited to dive in and help you do the same today.

Many of you already have a business or are on your journey of trying to change other people’s lives with your unique purpose, but for some reason, it isn’t working. There are a few things I’ve seen that are preventing you from getting the success you want, and I’m showing you what they are and how to work around them.

Join me this week as I show you what this step of changing other people’s lives entails, and how so many people go about trying to do this step in the wrong way. The tips I’m sharing today are going to help you move the needle in the biggest ways, and if you want even more in-depth help, make sure to join my program right now!

I’m running an exclusive free training that I’ve never offered before called 4 Simple Steps to Create a Purposeful Business. If you know you’re meant for more but don’t know what it is yet, or if you have a business but you haven’t reached the level of success you want, you have got to join us. The webinar is happening today, October 14th, at 5:30pm Eastern time, and there will not be a replay, so click here to register and I can’t wait to see you there!

If you want to take this work even deeper and coach with me in my signature program, Anything but Average, enrollment is now open! Doors close on Sunday, October 18th at midnight, so get in now!

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • Why changing other people’s lives comes last in this four-step process.
  • How many people go about changing people’s lives in the wrong way.
  • Why it’s so easy for me to change other people’s lives.
  • What’s happening when you feel icky about marketing or charging people for your work.
  • Why people don’t get results.

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Hey guys, welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast, with your host, me, life coach Lindsey Mango, where I am going to teach you how to change your life, find your purpose, and change other people’s lives because that’s what it takes to have an anything but average life. Let’s get started.

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything but Average. Let’s dive in. So we are on step four of the four-step process to create an Anything but Average life. If you are just tuning in for the first time, or you haven’t caught the first three steps, I highly recommend going and listening to steps one, two, and three before you listen to this episode because each step builds off the other one.

And you can’t just skip them all and get to step four. It’s not going to work effectively. So make sure to do that. If you’ve been with me the whole time, guys, we are on step four. And just a quick heads up before we dive in, today is the day of the free training, 4 Simple Steps to Create a Purposeful Business.

Make sure that you go to lindseymangocoaching.com/purposefulbusiness to be on that webinar at 5:30pm Eastern time tonight. You have got to be there. Get a babysitter, do whatever you have to do to be on live. There is no replay. And will see the rest of you guys on there tonight.

So step four is changing other people’s lives. Just a quick recap of all the steps of the process. Step one is change your life, step two, find your purpose, step three, launch your business, step four, change people’s lives. So step four is the last piece of this process and comes last because steps one, two, and three need to happen in order for you to do step four effectively.

Here’s what I mean by that. In order to be able to change other people’s lives effectively and be an expert at it, you have to first be able to change your own life. You do not know how to change your own life and create your own results, you’re going to have a really hard time understanding how to help other people change their lives in whatever way your unique purpose is.

So that’s why change your life is the first step of the process. You’re going to have a hard time changing other people’s lives and telling them about it confidently and powerfully if you don’t feel like you know how to create results and if you aren’t mind-blown by what you’re offering them.

Guys, I’m so serious. I think about this all the time. I see coaches with certifications, I see people with so much more book knowledge than me, smarter than me, who have been in coaching longer than me not create the level of success I’ve created because of this one thing.

Because I believe so deeply in this work because I am constantly a student of it, I’m constantly creating my own results in my own life from it and seeing the magic and power of what I’m offering other people, that it’s so easy for me to offer it to people and to tell people about it and to essentially sell – a lot of you guys say you never feel like you’re selling. It’s because of this.

It’s because it’s like I’m sharing my favorite mascara or my favorite store or my favorite chicken recipe. I’m like, this is so delicious and amazing and mind-blowing, you all need it, it’s the key to the universe because I deeply believe it was the key to the universe for my results and changing my life and continues to be all of the time.

That’s why it’s so easy for me to change other people’s lives. I’ve mastered the ability through my own work. It’s why it’s so easy for me to change other people’s lives by signing clients because I just share it and I’m jacked about it. So that’s why change your life is the first part of the process.

Finding your real purpose, it’s so much easier to change other people’s lives when you’re bringing them your soul’s work, when you’re bringing the thing you are meant to bring to them. So simple. It’s so clear. This is why the first three steps are the first three steps. This is why they come first because it makes each step as you go up in the process so much easier and so much more effective and allows you to create bigger and better results.

Then you have to launch your business, you have to tell everyone and anyone about it. You have to have an offer for people in order to – which is step three, launch your business, and how you launch your business in order to change people’s lives.

So if you’ve executed steps one and two and three effectively, step four is going to be even easier and even more effective, which leads me to step four, actually changing people’s lives. The way that you create fulfillment in your life is by leaving an impact on people. Changing other people’s lives.

The way that you build your business bigger and bigger and bigger is that you get people amazing results. If you get people amazing results, you will never go without clients. If you change people’s lives when they just read one post from you, you will never have to worry about clients or building your business.

If you change people’s lives by seeing that them paying for your offer is one of the most transformative things they can ever do, you will always be changing people’s lives, you will always have clients, and your impact will only grow.

Those are all the ways that people usually do this wrong or go about changing people’s lives wrong. Here’s what happens when a lot of you guys go to change people’s lives. You don’t. What I mean by that isn’t that you’re not wonderful at what you want to offer people. It’s that you don’t focus on changing people’s lives.

You don’t focus on marketing and basically marketing is just telling people about what you have to offer in a way that helps them see what you are offering them is valuable, that helps them learn something and grow and go, wow, this really works, I need what they have to offer. You don’t do that through marketing.

Either you don’t market at all, or you don’t market to them from that place, from that place of this is going to change your life. Then you don’t see that you feel icky about asking for money. You feel weird about when you get to the part of the conversation where you’re talking about money or what you’re going to charge them, you feel like you want to give it to them for free, or you give it to a lot of people for free.

The reason you’re doing that is because you are not making the connection that changing people’s lives happens when they pay money for what you’re offering them. Let me tell you guys something. Whatever it is that you’re going to offer in your business, whatever your unique purpose is, it’s probably – people can learn whatever you’re going to teach them on Google.

We have everything we need at our fingertips. But the reason why people don’t get results is they don’t make it a priority, they don’t commit, they’re not all in, they don’t know how, they don’t know the actual process and how to implement that, they don’t have whatever tool or thing that you offer them.

And so the reason why when they pay, they actually shift, they actually change, they actually grow, they go from not being committed to being committed. If you take them away from them, you’re taking the opportunity for them to change their life away from them.

So you’re not making the connection that them paying for what you offer is them changing their life. I’m so grateful my coaches and everything that I buy, people give me the opportunity to pay for. I want to pay for it. Because every time I invest in myself, every time I grow, every time I change, every time I pay money for it, I up-level. I become someone new. I start to think differently. I’m all in.

The last thing, the reason why you’re not changing people’s lives and more people’s lives by getting clients is that you’re trying to get clients. When you’re focused on trying to get clients for you to hit your goal, for you to make money, for you to do all these things, I want you to hit your goal. I want you to make tons of money. I want you to impact thousands of people’s lives. I want your business and your life to blow your mind. That’s all a part of it.

But when you focus on trying to get clients, you’re focused on yourself and you’re not focused on them, which comes through in your marketing, which comes through in how you sell to them, which comes through when you make offers.

The best way to sign clients is to not try. And what I mean by that, I don’t mean don’t post, don’t get out there, don’t commit to your goals, don’t be all in, don’t take massive action. I mean when you’re in the process of taking action, you need to focus on serving them. You need to focus on changing their life. You need to focus on helping them. You need to focus on how charging them and making your offer is changing their life for them.

When you do all of that, you guys will sign clients. You will change people’s lives by having clients. You will get them results, and your business and your life will only continue to grow, and your fulfillment and your purpose will only get bigger and more meaningful. That’s the last step of this process.

That’s how you create your Anything but Average life. That’s how you guys get everything you want in life and business. That’s it. It’s that simple. Change your life, find your purpose, launch your business, change other people’s lives.

Now, you guys are listening to this and you’re like, yes, it’s all making sense, I see all the places that I’m getting off track, I see where I’m skipping some of the steps, or I see where I’m doing them in a way that’s not creating the results that I want. You’re hearing that. You’re not doing this.

You’re either not doing it in this process and that’s why you’re not creating your Anything but Average life, you’re missing some of the steps, you’re not doing them because you’re afraid, you’re not doing them in a way that works. That’s it.

Those are really – really, it comes down to you’re either not doing them or you’re doing them the “wrong” way. I don’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. You’re just not doing it in a way that works and creates results.

So to take this work deeper, you have to be on this free training to know exactly how to effectively change your life, find your purpose, launch your business, change other people’s lives. Make sure you’re on the free training. But here’s what I will also tell you guys.

At the end of today, Wednesday, October 14th, Anything but Average is reopening for enrollment. There are completely new modules laying out this exact process. Module one is change your life, module two is find your purpose, module three is launch your business, module four is change people’s lives.

It’s only going to be open for enrollment until Sunday, October 18th at midnight. When you enroll in Anything but Average, you get a personal login immediately upon enrollment to start walking through each of these modules. I just hit something because I’m moving my hands around. I’m Italian, you guys.

So I’m going to teach you exactly how to change your life. I’m going to give you every tool you need in that module. Then I’m going to walk you through in every single video how to find your purpose, how to figure out exactly what it is, how to decide it, what your “job title” is, how to tell people what you do, what your mission statement is.

Then I’m going to walk you through the module of launching your business. We’re going to talk about how to make an offer, what to charge for it, how to have confidence in it, all of the pieces that I talked about through these four steps on this podcast.

You’re going to know exactly what you need to do and the mindset you need to approach it to get results. Then in the last module, changing people’s lives, I’m going to teach you marketing, I’m going to teach you how to do consults, I’m going to teach you how to handle objections, I’m going to teach you how to add value, how to get clients.

It’s all laid out; it’s all broken down exactly how to do it in the program. You get access to – I think it’s over like, 40 videos, some pre-work in the videos to actually set you up so you know exactly how to approach the program to get results. You’re going to get a calendar that shows you how many hours – it’s only one or two a week to do this work, how to fit it into your calendar to make it a priority, how to be committed, how to show up, how to do all of it.

Literally, everything you need is laid out in that portal and the login access you get as soon as you enroll. And on top of that, as you’re working through the program, when I work through a program, I have questions. I want coaching. I have my own unique specific drama or fears or doubts or whatever. Things that I can’t even see that are holding me back from getting results.

That’s why I have the Anything but Average Facebook community that you only get access to when you enroll. We do one coaching session a week. So I literally show up live, I coach you on anything you have questions on, on anything – if you’re like, hey, I’m doing this, I’m not getting results, we’ll dig in, we’ll figure it out exactly why you’re not getting results.

It’s in the group. You get a Facebook Live coaching session with the group. It feels like you get individual attention because I’m going to address your specific questions. You also get access to a community of women who are all doing this work to feel supported and celebrate and grow together. And you can post in the group at any time to get coaching from me.

It’s only open for the next five days until October 18th at midnight. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. If it’s open by the time you hear this, there will be a link to buy. If it’s not, you can join the waitlist and then you can – then it will open up right after the training today at probably 6:30 after the training’s over.

But make sure to be on the training because I’m going to be giving a bonus that you won’t have access to if you just buy it straight from. Either way though, this is how you create the life you really want. This is how you get results.

So whether you have a business and you’re not changing people’s lives and you’re not getting clients and it’s not working, or you know you’re meant for more and you don’t even know if you’re clear on what kind of business you want to have, but you know you want to do something meaningful, or if you keep trying to change things and you’re not creating the results that you want, this is for you.

This is going to give you everything you need to create Anything but Average results and an Anything but Average life. I love you guys. I will talk to you next week and I’ll see you tonight on the webinar. Bye.

If you want to take this work even deeper and coach with me in my signature program, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. In this program, I will teach you how to take this work and create results so you can have a life that blows your mind in the areas of money, purpose, health, lifestyle, and romance. I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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