When you ask most people what they want MOST out of life… I think we can ALL agree the answer.  


Some people may say money, time, freedom, etc. but what does all of that really give us? 


So why does finding happiness sometimes feel like the most elusive destination?

Why hasn’t ANYONE found the perfect equation for happiness and made millions of dollars selling it to the world?

Well the truth is, happiness doesn’t have a perfect equation.

It looks different for EVERY human.  And in a life where, parden my language, shit will hit the fan sometimes, your job or work is stressful, your kids are going crazy, your family member gets an alarming diagnosis…. How do you truly find happiness?

Here’s my take.

You CHOOSE happiness.

You find it in the toughest moments.

You DECIDE to be happy.

And you allow yourself to be a human, without judging yourself for it.

Being happy ALL THE TIME, isn’t the human experience we were promised when we were put on this earth…. A human experience was.

So here’s what I have realized and has helped me create more HAPPINESS than I ever imagined:

  1. Allowing yourself to feel ANY and ALL emotion without judgement, without saying you should or shouldn’t feel a certain way… Will FREE you.  And create a lot more happiness. Hey, you’re a human.  And yes while we have evolved, our minds are still operating like they did in the caveman days, so let’s have grace and create space for ALL the emotions we have.
  2. The pursuit of happiness can be just as exciting, fun and fulfilling as being happy.  Relish in that for a moment. You can enjoy the ups and downs of the path to getting there.  You can feel excited about the lifelong journey of growth and the twists and turns of life that are leading to happiness.
  3. You have to CHOOSE happiness.  What does that actually mean? You find happiness in every moment.  You look for gratitude and happiness in the simplest moments. You find happiness on your toughest days and you CHOOSE to see it.  Period. It is ALWAYS there. When you choose to look for it.
  4. You get to define what happiness is for you.  And fight like hell for it. Is it feeling the warm breeze on your skin? Is it watching the person you love, laugh? Is it accomplishing something you’ve worked years for? Is it freedom? Is fighting through adversity? Is it sipping a glass of wine and enjoying food with the people you love? Is it reiniscing on the last conversation you had with your Grandparent? Is it watching your baby say momma for the first time?  There is no right answer. You get to decide. And you get to choose to make design your life in a way that makes these moments as often as possible.
  5. You trust, everything is happening FOR you. Read that again.  It’s simple when life is peachy, but when unexpected life happens, asking yourself “how is this happening for me” will be tough, but will free you in so many ways.  Trust and faith in what’s lining up in your favor, especially when you don’t have the whole picture… YET… will create a lot more happiness.

Life can be complicated.

But, happiness is simple. 

Make it a point to choose it at least once a day, everyday. 😉

And if you want help with this, check out my podcast here to find out more tips and tricks to create your happy.