Ep #73: How to Love Yourself to Change

What I’m addressing on the podcast this week is something that I’ve seen so many women – myself included – deal with on a daily basis, especially as high achievers. You might experience some guilt or anxiety bubble to the surface and it shows up in your inner monologue like, “Come on, get your shit together,” whenever you are pushing yourself to change or grow.

Something I’ve realized is that this simply doesn’t work. We try to shame ourselves into change, but that just doesn’t create lasting effects. I’ve got a different way to approach this that will transform the way you process your negative emotions. This week, I’m sharing my three-step process to help you move through your negative emotions when you’re trying to make changes.

While it feels amazing achieving goals and doing all the things you set out to do, there’s a huge difference between forcing yourself into it and getting yourself in alignment. The next time you find yourself “should-ing” and shaming yourself, practice this method to move through it faster and experience your human emotions in a deeper way for change that lasts a lifetime.

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Ep #72: How to Sign Clients and Get Results Out of Nowhere

Just recently, I generated $4000 in my business passively, out of nowhere. There was no one key action I took that equaled this result, but I’ve practiced a method that has gotten me the life and business I’ve always dreamt of, and today, I’m sharing this simple four-step process with you.

As humans, we like the idea of specific actions producing a tangible result, and sometimes that’s just not how business works. Producing results you want involves a lot of mind work, and this process I’m diving into definitely requires questioning your thoughts and beliefs around your desired outcome.

This four-step process can be applied to achieve literally anything you want, so stick with me here to really get deep in this work. The amazing results you dream of are a direct byproduct of the way you’re thinking, feeling, and showing up, and practicing this method will get you there.

How I Found My Dream Job

I used to sit on google, not even sure what to type, but knowing I was looking for SOMETHING.  Something to tell me what I should do with my life. Something to direct me toward what I would be good and successful at. SOMETHING… ANYTHING to tell me how on earth to do something I LOVED, that I could do from ANYWHERE, that I could generate income doing it!

If this is you.  You have come to the right place. I was in this exact moment MANY times. And after 7 corporate jobs and starting a side gig network marketing business twice I finally found my thing. 

And now It is my life’s work to help women have it ALL.  That means LIVES they LOVE, Businesses they LOVE and crush it in, relationships, health, etc. but a lot of that is for another day.

Today I want to offer some guidance and coaching on how to figure out what to do with your life. (or if you want click here for one of my free training videos on how to take your passion and turn it into a business)

So first, I want to celebrate you for being here. Looking for answers! Looking for something that will guide you.  This is how I know you’ll find it. Because you’re looking. And that’s something most people wouldn’t do. Most people would just convince themselves that they aren’t meant for more, or that “this is just the way life is”, or that they “should just be happy where they are”.

But not you.  And that is something to celebrate.

Next I want you to be willing to get it wrong.  Yeaaa I know. You may hate this one, but I will tell you trying new things, following different passions and YES, getting it wrong sometimes, will help lead you to where you are meant to be. I am willing to bet you already have it wrong or have had it wrong in the past, so you’re on the right track.  I promise. Every single job I had and business I started led me here and helped me get here. I am grateful for all of it, but hopefully I save you a little from that many jobs and help you jump in earlier to pursue the thing you really want.

Next  I want you to pay attention to what things you are passionate about.  What things have you consistently enjoyed in your life up until this point? What things during your day give you energy? What things do you dream of doing? This is all guiding you toward what you are meant to do. Listen! And don’t get caught up in the how yet.  That’s just your mind trying to figure it all out and keep you stuck longer. Just let your mind wander.

Next I want you to imagine you won the lottery and never have to work a day in your life.  What would you do then? What would you want to start a career in or start a business in? What would you spend your days doing? What do you feel SO passionate about you would still do it even if you didn’t make a dime.

NOW we have some clarity.  You may be thinking. GREAT! What now? I have these ideas but what do I do?

Well now you come up to the next part your brain will want to get you stuck.  It will think but how. 

And what I want you to do is come up with 20 ways this could be a reality.  What could you try? How can you make it happen?

Don’t spin out for days, months, years wondering how.  Be committed to finding the answer and trying SOMETHING.

This is ultimately what our mind will do to keep us safe. And well, figuring out what you want to do with your life, isn’t going to come from being safe.

I want to challenge you to take 5 actions on this idea to work toward making it happen.

And if you need help. The Coach Business Academy helps women in this EXACT spot.

Or check out my podcast!



Boss Lady Outfits

I believe what you wear, is a reflection of how you feel. You can BOSS it up in a pair of lulu lemons, heels, PJ’s, or whatever.  What you wear doesn’t matter at all, but whatever you choose, I hope it elevates your vibe. Working from home (or anywhere) everyday I have the amazing and fun task of deciding what to wear.  I LOVE approaching my style and boss lady outfits from the perspective of having fun and having no rules!

That’s the beauty of working for yourself right? YOU’RE the boss.  You get to decide. But I always think we should dress for the job we want, even if it’s our dream job and from the comfort of the beach or our own home. I LOVE helping my clients create businesses and lives that allow them the FREEDOM they have always craved. If you are ready to create the business of your dreams, check out my Mango Magic Business Academy here. 

Anyway, let’s get to business.

So how do you design the PERFECT work from anywhere outfit that makes you feel amazing? 

For me that depends on the day, because well, right now I am in my sweaty workout clothes and I still feel like a boss and that’s the beauty of this little checklist I created for you to create the PERFECT Boss Lady outfit for you everyday:

Here’s what I ask myself: 

  • Take a look at your schedule and ask yourself, what kind of vibe do I want to bring to the table? Is it sassy? Is it badass? Is it “get shit done”? Is it comfy and cozy? There is no right vibe, you get to decide! And also make sure as you look at your schedule that your vibe and outfit choice will align with the type of work you will be doing that day.
  • Now that you have decided on the vibe, when you look at your closet what are you drawn to? The cozy yoga pants that make you feel like a badass? The black heels that make you feel like your stepping up your A game? The loose sweater that looks cute and comfy, but also professional? What colors and clothes grab your attention? Don’t question it, let your intuition do the talking.
  • Find THE piece. Whatever you were drawn to, pull the items out of the closet and decide on the piece that is going to align with the VIBE you want today.  Gather the other clothes you need to go with it.  I mean you can wear the top and your thong if you want 😉 but I assume you need some pants.
  • Make sure it’s comfortable. I don’t care what look I am going for, there is no reason to dress your body in ANYTHING that doesn’t allow you to move freely or feel comfy. Hot and sexy and sassy and comfortable do live in a world together I promise!
  • Add some extras: Pick out some fun accessories. I mean I know you work for yourself so dress for yourself!!! No need to grab a clutch unless you want to, but put on some fun earrings or a hat you love! Grab that over sweater that adds the perfect touch.  Put on that big bulky ring you love.  
  • Have fun with it.  Get outside of the box. I think the most fun thing about style is there are NO rules.  Or at least I don’t follow ANY. I could look like sporty spice one day and Ariana Huffington another.  I can dress like Beyonce one day or look like a fun beach goer the next. There is no need to put you in a box, because let’s face it, you’re an entrepreneur so there is no putting you in a box. And what better time to experiment that when you work for yourself at home.
  • Step into your day like a Boss. You’re OWNING the place.  Now step into your day with the pep in your step because you look like a boss and today’s the day the magic is happening.

Here are some of my FAVORITE looks!!!

Ep #71: What’s Keeping You from Signing Clients on Social Media

This week, I’m addressing something I get so many questions about: How to build a successful business on social media. I’ve actually created an entire e-book on this topic for my Mango Magic Business Academy ladies, so if you want the entire process and walk-through, definitely check it out there.

Today, I’m giving you five of the 10 BS stories that I cover in my e-book, to show you how the stories you’re telling yourself are keeping you from signing clients on social media. For each story that I’m sharing, I’m giving you a reframe that will help you think about that particular story in a different light, to be the ideal coach for your potential clients.

You can show up as the person you want to be in the future now, and reframing these stories will help you attract your ideal clients and break through whatever is holding you back. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Accelerate your impact and start signing clients, just by practicing some new ways of thinking.

Ep #70: Negative Emotions at the Next Level

If anyone had told me a couple of years ago that I would have absolutely everything I could ever dream of and that I would still feel negative emotions along the way, I would have called BS.

We’re all committed to living an amazing life and to constantly be growing, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that with growth comes stretching and discomfort. I’ve realized that there’s a huge gap in this line of work where we’re not talking about the negative emotions that are inevitable as you keep up-leveling, and this week I’m sharing why it’s so easy to spiral into judgment when it comes up, and how to start thinking about it in a new way.

Listen in this week for a super important episode on the human experience! I promise, practicing this way of thinking will make a huge impact, so I hope you try it out!

I am always so grateful and honored that you guys share the podcast on your stories because it gives your audience an opportunity to find this work and even better, I get to interact with all of you! Remember to share this one if you found it helpful and give me your feedback on Instagram!