In a world where your phone can feel like a small child yanking on your jacket at every hour of the day…  

In a time when you see Susie’s constant accomplishments spread across the internet (Let’s celebrate Susie), but it doesn’t necessarily eliminate the stress you may feel to get to where she is…

In a day in age where everything is getting bigger, faster, stronger and companies are growing faster than every, requiring NEXT LEVEL support from their teams….

In a world where we are expected to have a thriving social life, wonderful relationships, thriving careers, a hot and steamy relationship…

In a new social standard when us women aren’t just CRUSHING it in the work force, but are expected to be the world’s best mom, who drops off and picks up her kids, is the team mom, and promptly drops off cupcakes to school because you’re the home room mom….

How on earth do you juggle this, without completely losing your MIND.

More importantly.  How do we STOP the stress. So we can start LIVING.

Here are my top tips to feeling LESS stressed:

  1. Drop the EXPECTATIONS of what things and life SHOULD be like and decide what you want your life to be like. If staying home on the weekends with a cup of tea and a good book is your jam, go you.  If you want to party like it’s 1999, do what fuels your soul. Do what gives you energy, not drains it completely. Expectations=stress, especially when they aren’t being met and they aren’t really aligned with what you really want.  It’s your life. There are no shoulds. There is only what you want.
  2. Ask yourself, what is REALLY at stake here? And then ask it again, and again, and agian.  And then take that, and remind yourself of how resourcesful, enough, capable, and amazing you are regardless of the outcome.  So often we are letting our ego and fears drive the show below the surface, which causes TONS OF STRESS. When getting that promotion at work is the difference of you feeling worthy….. You’ll grip it, and force it, and stress about it… Because it’s no longer just a promotion, it’s attached to your lovabiltiy as a human being. And that shit is stressful.  When you are constantly afraid that not finding your lover because truly you’re afraid you can’t be happy without one, that shit is stressful and you’ll stress about finding “the one”. If you are afraid you will lose your job because you’re afraid you’ll be homeless.. Let me remind you. You won’t let that happen so stop freaking out. So let’s stop putting a bandaid over the stress and find out what’s TRULY, deep down causing it.  And tell yourself what you need to hear. You’ll be healed from stress forever. I barely stress about anything anymore because I know I am loved, enough, worthy, regardless… and that… Is freedom.
  3. Trust that everythign is happening for you: The moment I started trusting that everything was somehow, someway working in my favor.  I stopped stressing. Sometimes life throws you curveballs but if you can look for the lesson’s in it at all times and have faith in how it’s guiding you to where you want to go, you’ll stress a lot less.
  4. Have trust in yourself: Our minds like to freak out thinking we will be doomed if the thing we are stressing about falls through or doesn’t work, etc.  But I like to think, you are far more capable, resourceful and resilient than we give oursevles credit for. Think about this, the worst thing we could every experience, is a human emotion.  And while all of them are not pleasant, it still is true. You are capable of handling anything and you can trust yourself to figure it out. When you eliminate the “worst case scenario” because you trust you will make the most of whatever scenario occurs and that you are resilient enough to handle anything.. Things get a lot less stressful
  5. Give yourself some R & R: No matter how stressful things get, how can you create time and space to have some R&R? What helps you disconnect from things and put them into perspective? Make time for that weekly. NO EXCEPTION.  Do it like your livelihood and life depends on it, because it does.

Implement these 5 things and watch the magic happen.

Here’s the thing, you are always the one creating your stress. So you are the only one who can truly free yourself from it.

Life is too short to live it stressed.  Kick back and enjoy the ride.

And if you want help with this, check out my podcast here to find out more tips and tricks to create your happy.