The BS That’s Keeping you from Signing Clients on Social Media:

BS Story: I don’t have a huge following so I can’t sign clients from my social media

The number of followers you have is especially NOT important when you are pre-six figures in business, in fact having a smaller and loyal following of people who love you is much more valuable than 100k followers who don’t care. Your smaller, more intimate following is an asset! I had under 5k followers when I got far past six figures in business.  Believing this is keeping you from showing up and giving the value and signing the clients you could be.

BS Story: My value doesn’t translate in that medium

Value is value, period.  If you can write or speak words, you can translate your value on social media. If there was no right way to post, speak, or write on social media, what the hell would you want to say? What would you feel inspired to offer your audience and the world.  Remember, your value isn’t for EVERYONE. It’s for the right people. The right people will see value no matter what or how you decide to put it out there. Just get it out to them!

BS Story: I don’t even know what to say

The only reason you don’t know what to say is because you think you’re “supposed” to say something or you “should” say it a certain way. If you were to just have fun with it, what would you feel inspired to say? If you had an audience of 100 ideal clients, what would you want to tell them? It’s your job to be inspired, not social medias job to inspire you.  What things get you connected back to your work and offer, go do that, and then come back to share your message.

BS Story: The right people aren’t following me or aren’t seeing my stuff

I would be willing to bet that there is at least 10 human who follows you who is the right fit for what you offer.  It’s your job to be the light. Your milkshake has to bring the clients to the yard lol. If you knew the right people were following you, how would you show up? What would you say? Be that person now and know there are humans who follow you who are ideal, more are coming, AND you may turn some people into ideal clients by sharing your work

BS Story: My stuff doesn’t look pretty enough or good enough, people won’t buy until it does

Value, content, and authenticity beat looks any day.  If you want to look pretty, make it look pretty, but know the right people will LOVE what you offer no matter what.  They don’t care if it looks perfect, they care about getting the message you intend to share. 

BS Story: It doesn’t work for me

It works.  And it can work. The problem isn’t that it’s not working, the problem is you don’t believe it’s working.  What if I told you, one new person every day is being impacted by your posts and content, that a new potential client is coming into your world, and that people are watching and listening EVEN if they aren’t engaging.  How can you have fun with it and show up trusting that?

BS Story: People aren’t listening

Do you believe you are worth listening to? If not, your work starts there.  Why should people OF COURSE listen to you? Why do people need your message? For the first year of my social media people did not engage, but I decided someone, somewhere was reading and seeing it even if they didn’t let me know.  Show up for them even when they don’t show up for you. The right people are always listening.

BS Story: My Offer isn’t as cool as other people in this big social media ocean

This has nothing to do with social media really and EVERYTHING to do with your confidence.  So I want you to stop and give me 20 reasons why your offer is amazing and perfect for the right person.  Remember, the right clients always meet you at the right time. You will never offer what you offer, at the price you offer it, with the amount of intimacy that you offer it right now.  The BIG DOGS can’t give the access that you can and your ideal clients are CRAVING that.