I believe what you wear, is a reflection of how you feel. You can BOSS it up in a pair of lulu lemons, heels, PJ’s, or whatever.  What you wear doesn’t matter at all, but whatever you choose, I hope it elevates your vibe. Working from home (or anywhere) everyday I have the amazing and fun task of deciding what to wear.  I LOVE approaching my style and boss lady outfits from the perspective of having fun and having no rules!

That’s the beauty of working for yourself right? YOU’RE the boss.  You get to decide. But I always think we should dress for the job we want, even if it’s our dream job and from the comfort of the beach or our own home. I LOVE helping my clients create businesses and lives that allow them the FREEDOM they have always craved. If you are ready to create the business of your dreams, check out my Mango Magic Business Academy here. 

Anyway, let’s get to business.

So how do you design the PERFECT work from anywhere outfit that makes you feel amazing? 

For me that depends on the day, because well, right now I am in my sweaty workout clothes and I still feel like a boss and that’s the beauty of this little checklist I created for you to create the PERFECT Boss Lady outfit for you everyday:

Here’s what I ask myself: 

  • Take a look at your schedule and ask yourself, what kind of vibe do I want to bring to the table? Is it sassy? Is it badass? Is it “get shit done”? Is it comfy and cozy? There is no right vibe, you get to decide! And also make sure as you look at your schedule that your vibe and outfit choice will align with the type of work you will be doing that day.
  • Now that you have decided on the vibe, when you look at your closet what are you drawn to? The cozy yoga pants that make you feel like a badass? The black heels that make you feel like your stepping up your A game? The loose sweater that looks cute and comfy, but also professional? What colors and clothes grab your attention? Don’t question it, let your intuition do the talking.
  • Find THE piece. Whatever you were drawn to, pull the items out of the closet and decide on the piece that is going to align with the VIBE you want today.  Gather the other clothes you need to go with it.  I mean you can wear the top and your thong if you want 😉 but I assume you need some pants.
  • Make sure it’s comfortable. I don’t care what look I am going for, there is no reason to dress your body in ANYTHING that doesn’t allow you to move freely or feel comfy. Hot and sexy and sassy and comfortable do live in a world together I promise!
  • Add some extras: Pick out some fun accessories. I mean I know you work for yourself so dress for yourself!!! No need to grab a clutch unless you want to, but put on some fun earrings or a hat you love! Grab that over sweater that adds the perfect touch.  Put on that big bulky ring you love.  
  • Have fun with it.  Get outside of the box. I think the most fun thing about style is there are NO rules.  Or at least I don’t follow ANY. I could look like sporty spice one day and Ariana Huffington another.  I can dress like Beyonce one day or look like a fun beach goer the next. There is no need to put you in a box, because let’s face it, you’re an entrepreneur so there is no putting you in a box. And what better time to experiment that when you work for yourself at home.
  • Step into your day like a Boss. You’re OWNING the place.  Now step into your day with the pep in your step because you look like a boss and today’s the day the magic is happening.

Here are some of my FAVORITE looks!!!