Ep #71: What’s Keeping You from Signing Clients on Social Media

This week, I’m addressing something I get so many questions about: How to build a successful business on social media. I’ve actually created an entire e-book on this topic for my Mango Magic Business Academy ladies, so if you want the entire process and walk-through, definitely check it out there.

Today, I’m giving you five of the 10 BS stories that I cover in my e-book, to show you how the stories you’re telling yourself are keeping you from signing clients on social media. For each story that I’m sharing, I’m giving you a reframe that will help you think about that particular story in a different light, to be the ideal coach for your potential clients.

You can show up as the person you want to be in the future now, and reframing these stories will help you attract your ideal clients and break through whatever is holding you back. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Accelerate your impact and start signing clients, just by practicing some new ways of thinking.

Ep #70: Negative Emotions at the Next Level

If anyone had told me a couple of years ago that I would have absolutely everything I could ever dream of and that I would still feel negative emotions along the way, I would have called BS.

We’re all committed to living an amazing life and to constantly be growing, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that with growth comes stretching and discomfort. I’ve realized that there’s a huge gap in this line of work where we’re not talking about the negative emotions that are inevitable as you keep up-leveling, and this week I’m sharing why it’s so easy to spiral into judgment when it comes up, and how to start thinking about it in a new way.

Listen in this week for a super important episode on the human experience! I promise, practicing this way of thinking will make a huge impact, so I hope you try it out!

I am always so grateful and honored that you guys share the podcast on your stories because it gives your audience an opportunity to find this work and even better, I get to interact with all of you! Remember to share this one if you found it helpful and give me your feedback on Instagram!

Ep #69: One Year to Live

If you only had one year left to live to get your message out into the world and reach as many people as possible, how would you show up? What actions would you be taking?

Chris and I were recently having a discussion about this topic when I realized I’ve lost some of the fire I had at the beginning of my business when I was going after everything I wanted. Now that I have all the things I could possibly dream of, I’ve had to stop and think about how to reconnect to my purpose and reach that level of intensity again.

This week, I’m sharing why this question I’m posing to you has got me fired up, to want to reach more people, and give all of you as much value as possible now. While I believe in abundance and that there is time, I want today’s episode to inspire you into the same kind of action, or if you don’t have a business yet, to inspire you to go find what makes you light up.